Monday, June 13, 2016


It has been several months since I joined an IG swap...
when I saw this one...I drank the sea water!

This one is hosted by
Carla Peicheff over on IG

I love the sea...I love the why not!
First order of business was to make a collage
of "Under the Sea" items / fabric I like.

I did a mix of projects and fabrics for my swap collage
to give my partner an idea of things I like.
Of course...I am always happy for whatever I receive!
I asked for either a tote, a table runner, or a zippy pouch. 

 I went to my stash to sea what I had on hand
I may or may not use these choice...
Depends on "if" my partner responds "like" on IG
and what she lists as her fav fabrics.

Lots of folks have indicated they "like" this 
but many say "too juvenile"
Deep, Deep Sea by Michael Miller
 I did buy it with a baby quilt in mind.

Snatched these FQs at a local modern quilt guild sale 
Riley Blake - Maritime Modern..just might work!
My partner seems to like subtle colors

Should I have received a partner who loves
darker blues and that covered too!
Maybe I'll make an "angel" gift in case its needed.
That happens when someone flakes and drops out
of the swap...I hope they get drenched in the water
if they do!

As I was surfing for nautical fabrics I found this
Heather Ross, Modern Maritime. and ordered some
..cause well I like it and have NONE of it!
I wish my partner was a bit more active on IG...
but I do see her collage and 
 I can whip up some Kwilty Pleasures in a heartbeat!

Monday, June 6, 2016


I luv a good kwilt retreat...especially when its kinda Ghastlie
and if I am's bound to be...
Like with these fabrics...

 that ended up as a kwilt!
Sidelights pattern by Mountain Creek Creations.

Hanging on a barbed wire fence was perfect!

...more  "Something Ghastlie Comes This Way" line

became a Supertote, pattern by Noodlehead

I had this Ghastlie's Garden fabric ready to sew...
but ran out of sewing time

Finished it when I got home... 
Another Noodlehead pattern, 241 Tote
I made my strap longer and added a key fob.

The next bag is the Poolside Tote pattern also by Noodlehead 
Now I'm waiting for my pool to be built (lol)
I am trying to use Lotta Jansdotter stash this year!

All three Noodlehead bags...done!

The project that took the longest, most difficult 
was made with this fun fabric I have hoarded since 2006

The bedside pocket organizer was like wrestling a grizzly bear using two layers of soft and stable

Pillow case...piece of cake!

Both are Christmas gifts for my 5 year old niece, Gemma
 who loves all things fairies!

Aunt Kathy gave her birthday gifts of
things for her first faerie garden!

I did not make her 5th Birthday cake but its magical!

Sew tell me about your last retreat!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Color...(kuh-ler)  noun...
the quality of an object or substance with respect to 
light reflected by the object...visually measured by hue, 
saturation and brightness of the reflected light...

We all love color... its reflected in our clothes,
 home decor, and fabrics we pick to make our quilts!
and now I see it in skeins of yarn.  

I was photographing scarves I made during the last year...
As I looked around at my garden...
 I had an ahhh-ha moment!

A yarn bombing color experiment began!

This shawl in a variegated yarn has white, pink, purple and blues.   
The purple clematis blooms / white climbing hydrangea blooms
are definitely reflected in this shawl!  

A soft pink speckled yarn pops against the
 Black Lace Sambuka shrub and the pink flower blooms
match it perfectly.  The hosta greens below 
pull out other colorful specks in the yarn.

These "yard art" chicken's and the wire stand pick up the
 variegated gray colors of the scarf yarn.

My "Brickless" lace scarf , purple colors I absolutely love.
Same colors are abundant in the annual geranium blooms
which blanket my garden in many places.

 Kathy Guenther, knitted the next shawl for me
and she also knows the colors I love!

I think the Red Japanese Maple leaf color
pulls out the gold yarns here...

But look how the blue yarn becomes the dominant color
against the giant blue hosta! 
I love to wear this scarf with denim!

 Kathy recently gave me this beautiful skein of yarn 
for my birthday.  I would say an autumn color wave. 

I tucked it in with some flower containers with a 
variegated Croton, red and yellow begonias.
Looks like summer to me!

Another variegated "autumn color" shawl.
Placed near my faerie garden, pulls the succulent colors,
the fairies' house and my deck stain.

 I am happy to report, the mad scientist of fiber hoarding
was successful with her color experiment!
It also proves "yarn bombing" is a lot of fun!

This girl is not just a flash in a fabric isle...
she loves color everywhere!

P.S. Neighbors have not called the men in "white suits"...yet! 
Guess I'm not colorful enuf!