Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 I drank the Koolaid and have entered the world of 

I love blogging sew that's not gonna change...
but IG has some addictive qualities that include

Making lots of new creative "friends"
"Inspiration" that flows like cocktails at a party
Quick "answers" for questions
"Selling" fabric from my stash
"Buying" fabric I've been looking for!
Addictive "SWAPS"

I am SEW enjoying these swaps!!!

@artsofcraftiness hosted a #handmadeornamentswap
Swap mamas (hostesses) have an on-line form to fill out.
Each swap has an identifying #hashtag
to use in your posting and provides a picture repository of awesomeness!

 My partner @seydonnamade
 said she like Sugar Skulls and Russian doll ornaments.
I made a stack of em.

They were happily received.
Sey's little girl just full of sweetness!

 My handmade ornament swap package from 
@mdreedy3 - was incredible.  
I guess I need to step it up at bit-learning as I go!
I received a stuffed owl, mug rug and several ornaments
including cross-stitched ones!
As well as some candy..for my sweet tooth!
Thank you Michelle!

 The next swap I'm in is due in January
IT IS NOT for the faint of heart!
 I gettin my bitch on!

sponsored by @weenchaweena

Well hell yes! Over 200 participants 
"who say what they mean and mean what they say"
Guess where you'll find me!

My partner's main "bitch" project is done.
I appliqued vinyl tape measure to the project
making it very foulmouthed.  

Up next...
This is one of the first swaps I saw when I joined IG.
Round 2 was "wrapping up"
I was enamored by all the beautiful mini kwilts
folks were making and sending.

I have the mini top done using some of my
 fab.u.lous Lotta Jansdotter!
Here's a sneak peak.

One more swap for now... all about totes!
@m3_quilts is co hosting...
I met Brandi during my Ghastlies swap.
 I didn't hesitate to jump on this bandwagon!

And the new logo is the bomb!

Another cool thing is about swaps..
Inspirational Collages 

Here's mine for the #IGtoteswap
Gives your partner ideas of your colors and style.

Send me your IG handle should you join!
I'm @kwiltypleasures

I'll be looking for ya!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Today's "Sweet Sensations" cookie is my all-time fav!

The recipe here is for a single batch and makes about 3 dozen or so cookies.
I always make a double batch cause everyone loves these.

All done!
Aren't' they cute on my recently finished Aspen Frost quilt

Same Peanut butter cookie dough with chocolate chips mixed in cause I ran out of kisses!

My 2007 Cookie Exchange Party
"Winter Garden Theme"
  Cookie Table

The Cookie Divas
in their garden hats...

My crazy and fun friend Betty
shows up as a Garden Hoe!

Hope you give these cookies a try!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


before the blog hop and all thru MY house...
well you know the story!

 Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt
is working closely with all the elves
and Marleen at Stitchin by the Lake
is supervising the deliveries
to make this hop sew fun!

Santta delivered my gift right on time
From I Piece 2 - Mary

She even made my card!
  I have made a few of the folded paper designs.  
Look closely at the hat!

 such a sweet sentiment  

The first thing I saw was this cute 
cathedral window ornament

and then...a beautiful hexagon
Christmas Tree

And from me to you....
 I have some very quick and easy tutorials
right here on my blog.

Just click the links!

Fabric Journal Cover

QAYG Mug Rug

Fabric Coasters

Picture Frame Pincushion

 Like to give sweets during the holidays?
Then be sure to check out my favorite holidays sweets as
I post a new one each week til Christmas 
There is a tab at the top of the home screen and 
an icon on my side bar to
Sweet Celebrations

Shhh...listen...Up on the housetop...
I hear the shuffling of more packages 
being delivered to today's bloggers

Wednesday, Nov. 19

Quilt N Queen
I Piece 2 Mary
Kwilty Pleasures  (that's me)
Creatin’ In The Sticks
From This To That
Sew Me Something Good

Gracie Oliver Arts

Monday, November 17, 2014


Frost bite is usually not a good thing...
unless you are having one of my 
"Sweet Celebrations"

This cookie is filled with orange liqueur soaked raisins 
and oats, then dipped in white candy melts!  

I usually make a double recipe of Frost Bite Cookies
...single recipe is below and makes about 3 dozen cookies.
Lay the dipped cookies on wax paper.
Once the candy sets the cookies lift right off.
 Again, these cookies freeze well!

My 2004 Cookie Party 
Snowman Theme

The aroma that fills the room when cookies
are all display is intoxicating!

 Cookie Diva's dressed for the occasion.

The Christmas Mouse (Betty) took home the prize for
the best party attire!  
 I always had a special gift for the best Christmas Party attire
My crazy friends "get me" and always made this so fun! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


It has been a fun year and a great challenge 
and this is the last month we post our projects for

Sew here are projects from the last month of sewing.  

Some wintry fabric coasters 
 A fabric covered journal in holiday prints
A quilt as you go mug rug
(my mug rug tutorial here)
 A zipper pouch 
(Lazy Girl Designs Pattern)
  Some Handmade Christmas Ornaments 
for a swap partner (my designs)
(yep she loves sugar skulls and little Russian Stacking dolls
I completed a sweet Halloween Quilt
(my twist on Yellow Brick Road pattern)
which could be a gift for someone

And a Christmas Quilt Happy Owl-iday
"Tick Tock" pattern from "Growing Up Modern" book

This lap kwilt is made with Basic Gray's "Blitzen" 
I needed a new Christmas Kwilt!
(In a Flash pattern)

Two more kwilts are at the long armer now.
Once returned I'll add the binding and they will be ready
for Christmas gifts from me...

An Ohio State Buckeye Kwilt for my BIL 
(Turning 20 Pattern)
(he gave me a yard of each OSU licensed fabric 
for Christmas last year...only fair he should get a kwilt)

My Son-in-law gave me these Crown Royal bags, he collected while bar tending, for his kwilt 
 (my own design)

I just want to give a big shout out and 
Thank You to Darlene at Insights from Sew Cal Gal.

 I was so focused on bustin' my stash for my personal 2014 challenge, not only did I  keep this Handmade Christmas pledge but I can include all of the finishes for 

and with that...
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!