Monday, March 31, 2014


Those who know me, know I am not a selfish person.  
I am always giving of away "stuff", volunteer at many places
and am happy to share my blessings as often as I can.

However, this month of SELFISH sewing, just for me was fun!  
I had plenty of things I kept putting back on the shelf, 
sew I could make something for someone else.  

Here's my selfishness one last time.

I had hope to use this fabric to make a bag...didn't happen.

But I did finish this bag from my WIPs! 
Have NOT found the perfect button yet for the front. 
Sew a bag is a bag is a bag...right?

Made these "Pick up Sticks" blocks in February
while I was running around Florida.

and finished this lap size top for the challenge

This 2wenty Thr3e jelly roll was rolling around my stash for a while and with a few changes to the Play A Card Pattern

I made this lap size top!

I had all the blocks done for this Turning Twenty Pattern 
 top "before" March , so this was a quick finish. 

I also made backs for all 3 of these tops to be machine  Kwilted (by me) in April.

I did have a few days that I barely squeaked in the 30 minutes
 cause I was a bit under the weather.   Found some WIPs to finish.

A "Spring" table runner

two mug rugs

and I sorted some stash to sell on my Etsy shop,
 Sew, I think that counts as selfish time.

Thanks sew much to Sarah at Berry Barn Designs for
hosting the challenge.  
Just click here today and see the wraps ups for everyone who participated.

And now I'm off to make something for someone else!

Insights from SewCalGal is an all year thing.
If you haven't heard about have time to jump in on the fun! AND get some holiday sewing done early!

and linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday
link on my sidebar!  

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Finished the "Play a Card" top this week
I deviated from the pattern....cause that's how I roll.
Did not add two vertical rows
Added a piece to the top or bottom of each
vertical row, so there is a staggered horizontal look.

I found a low volume stripe in my stash for the binding
...the solid border just didn't do it for me.  
I also have enuf of this stripe for the backing.

I will long arm kwilt this one next month and
hope to have much better photos...
I still need a better camera!!!

I found a couple small WIPs to finish up.

Mug rugs/candle mats for my master bath

Put binding on a table runner
which will look good on the deck this summer
but is hanging out on my kitchen island for now.

Fun wavy line kwilting!

Linking up with Sara at Berry Barn Designs
with all those other sweet, sassy, selfish sewers!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A spring cold has my head all cloudy. I've been sneezing and wheezing all week
AND its snowing here today.  BLAH!!!!

Fabric always cheers me up and since I am a fabricholic 
I needed to play with my fabrics 
without having to think about what I'm doing.

Like most fabricholics, I have a dilemma!!!
"There's no such thing as too much fabric"
I beg to differ.  

This is what scrap mania looks like. 
And I don't even like scraps!!!!  I'll probably never use them!  
Sew why am I keeping them?

A box of tshirts for an OSU kwilt.
Maybe I can send that out to be done!
And a BIG bin of batiks.

Look at these beautiful batiks, that  I no longer like !!!
I will eventually put these in my Etsy shop.

Of course I have been hoarding vintage feed sacks, 
30s reproduction fabrics, vintage blocks
and vintage piece work for some time!
Can you say grandiose ideas!
More work to get these out on Etsy !!!

The hoarding continues with vintage sheets and pillow cases. 
Oh jumping on the "let's make a quilt with vintage sheets" bandwagon.  
What the heck size of a kwilt was I thinking?
There's enough sheets here for an entire hotel!

This stuff is going to my BFF Shirley's next month!
She makes charity kwilts for a local orphanage
and this stuff will serve that need, just fine.

 But never fear...I will be buying more fabric
I have two trips planned already for April
and fabric shops will be involved cause
that's what fabricholics do!

Can you feel my pain? and I ain't talking head cold!

Am I a kwilter with a hoarding problem
or a hoarder with a kwilting problem!

Since I can't be social...and spread my germs
I'm linking up to Let's Bee Social.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

30 / 30 CHALLENGE - WEEK 3

Sewed blocks for the "Play a Card" pattern from the
 May - June 2013 "quilty" magazine
Here is a link to the pattern.
  2TWENTY-THR3E fabric by Moda had been sitting
in my stash for a I'm stash bustin (again)
 The jelly roll is combined with more stash in a gray solid 

What a pile of fun!

Will decide next week if I want to add the borders
or not...the top will tell me.  
I like that the pattern in the magazine 
also shows a kwilting design.

Blocks now on the design wall
Next week I'll sew the grays to the blocks- add the vertical sashings. 

 I am still looking for the "BIG BUTTON" for this tote.  
What color button would you choose?

I finished the top stitching around the top. I made bottom inserts
for my bags using heavy cardboard cut to size and covering with fabric.   


Linking up to the with Sara over at 
Berry Barn for the 30/30 Challenge. 
Stop by and see what those selfish sewers are doin!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I have passed right by spring and summer into

Kwilting done on my Bernina for lap kwilt #6 and #7
Sending out soon to my Ghastlies Goblin!

Ghastlies Green Portrait
Perfect 10 Pattern by Swirly Girl Designs
48" x 58" finished size

Custom kwilting with back and forth lines
and a bit of meandering here and there.

The backing is a black and white polka dot with a green vertical insert.

 Alexander Henry's "Hocus Pocus" Fabric 
and my Halloween stash prints
This one is my own design.
52" x 62" finished size

Straight line kwilting all across the front
Meandering in the borders

Added 3 black lace spiderwebs as accents.

 Same black and white polka dot fabric for the back.

Two more stash busters DONE 
Knocking out my 2014 finishes one stitch at a time!

Its Friday and that means time to PARTY!
Linking up with...

Lindsey at Fabric Frenzy Friday
(can't believe I just started her the blog...
but I have been ordering fabrics at FWFS)

Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog

Sarah over at My Quilt Infatuation is
always whooping it up!

  Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts is hosting TGIFF
(Like Charlie Harper fabric?  Wait til you see what she made)

Have a great weekend!


Monday, March 17, 2014



Being a Murphy in a previous life
I get this goin, green thing.
 Green beer for EVERYONE!  


 Rainbow's End Quilt Shop is according to advertising, 
Florida's largest quilt shop.
Last month I made my 3rd visit here and found 
a true pot o' gold!

I was there when the store opened at 9:00 a.m, ready to shop!

Just as I remembered...shelves and shelves of wonderful fabrics

Where to look first?

Dizziness overcame me (again)

I am in awe of all the glory my eyes behold!

I'm running up and down the isles
trying to see it all at once! Why are people looking at me?

Textures and fibers everywhere!
is that me giggling?

Books, notions, patterns...

The Halloween gabrics grabbed my eyes!
(No Ghastlies...was ghastly)

Then I remembered....THE BACK ROOM!!!
That's when the adrenaline really kicked in!

I could hear "Silver Bells" playing in my head as I 
looked at the holiday fabrics and quilts


 and then I was hit over the head 
with tables full of $1.50 Fat Quarters 
*all are designer fabrics*

At this point I knew if someone did not put me in a "straight jacket" 
my wallet was gonna be ripped to pieces!

Yup, I found my pot of gold...full of fabric!

I hope you can go here one day and give those 
wonderful "fabric" leprechauns a big kiss!

Watch for upcoming posts where I will share
just what those leprechauns tempted me with!