Saturday, March 28, 2020


I love flowers, I love gardens and I love art.
So when The Edison-Ford Winter Estate and Garden
 sponsored the Art in Bloom Event...I was there.

I loved that most of the art pieces had something to do
with a truck, motor or gear of a vehicle. 

Artists are given a piece of art to interpret into flowers.
Sit back and enjoy!  I did!

Sunday, March 22, 2020


And the Naples Quilt Guild "juried" Show
continues here.
This show definitely had
a Flowery Art Quilt Vibe to it.

I love the collage quilts and mermaids.
sew the flowers here are water plants!

"Under The Sea"
Began with a Laura Heiny collage pattern
with the Mermaid in the bottle.
Maker added lots of extras.
Maker: Barbara Langbauer

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Aussie Dancer"
Technique by Gloria Loughman 

I see flowers and leaves here.. interpretive!

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Seminole Basket"
Velda Newman Texture and Form
Maker: Jo Anne Powel
This was indeed a blue ribbon quilt.

Original Art Quilt: Pictorial
"Trouble in Paradise"
Fabric design by artist and printed by Spoonflower
Maker:  Suzanne Santer

"Flower Power"
Ann Shaw class / Ruth McDowell Style
Maker: Karen Stockwell

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Cagey Wall Flower"
Fabric Paining class by Juanita Yeager
Maker: Kevin Fox

This was STUNNING!

Mixed Technique 
"It's a Small World After All"
Pattern: Jen Kingwell
Maker: Silva Horn
All kinda techniques and flowers here and there!

A few larger quilts that
I felt representative of FLOWERS.

I had a book years ago that had a raw edge flower block
that looked very similar to this. I was surprised to
see this technique...

"Raveling Rose"
Pattern: French Roses by Heather French
Maker: Mary and Kathy Esch

"Affairs of the Heart"
Applique and Embrodiery Designs
Maker: Donna E Johnson

"Greek Lanterns"
Patterns: Dresden designs by Katja Marek
Maker: Silvia Merz-Horn

I thought these block designs looked like daisies/
I was really drawn to the low volume background.

And last but certainly NOT least is
"Paradise in Blooms"
Pattern by Quiltworx / Foundation Paper Pieced
Maker:  Sharon Ralph   Quilter: Carrie Barone

I hope you have enjoyed these inspirational
quilt shows that I have blogged about.
Yes I will make my own comments 
(it's my blog after all) but when I attend
a show I try to be open minded.
I don't spend too much time worrying about
what type or style of quilt it is!
I appreciate every quilters journey
and admire their courage to enter a quilt
into a juried show!

I have entered quilts and the best thing was not
getting a ribbon or worry about judges feedback
(it's all relative)
The best thing was to stand back and listen to people talk
about your quilt, that's actually hanging in the show!

Monday, March 16, 2020


Oh I have made a few "art quilts"
You know that small quilt with embellishments,
and fun quilting to enhance the designs.

Well, step back and take a look at the most
beautiful art quilts, I personally, have ever seen.

Special Exhibit at The Naples Quilt Guild Show

Deb Crine is the artist
who dye paints the animals
then quilts the bajeebees outta them
to bring depth and movement.

Here's a tissue...stop drooling!  

Thursday, March 12, 2020


This is the 3rd Quilt Show I have attended
while snowbirding.

 Naples Quilt Guild Show
"Stitches In Time"

Mostly Modern Designs.
Take away borders and add fabrics other than batiks
and many would feel more modern.

Comments here are just my humble opinion.

'Thoroughly Modern Kate'
Pattern: Axis by Craftsy
Maker, Judy Kauckham

I loved this design and colors!
The quilting is fabulous!
My Viewers Choice Vote

'A New Day'
Pattern: 2010 Quilters Newsletter
by Reale and Chole Anderson
Maker: Linda Biondino

'Labyrinth Walk"
Pattern:  Labyrinth? Details n/a
Maker" Shirley Cook

I don't really care for this one but it looked
like a traditional quilt screaming to be set free!

Original paper piece design
Maker: Joyce Grande

I think I saw this in another show.
I am pretty sure people here belong to more
than one guild.

' Fancy Forest"
Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Maker: Laura Stacell
I made one owl from this pattern
and several other Elizabeth Hartman patterns.

Although her designs are cute
her directions are not.

'Swans on Fassett Pond'
Pattern: Swans by Elizabeth Hartman
Maker: Nancy Swezey

'Happiness is Like a Butterfly'
Pattern: Tula Pink
Maker: Silvia Merz-Horn
(I was really surprized to see this one)

The next 3 quilts are Pineapple blocks
and begs to say - yes there was a class held locally!

'Tropical Piineapple'
Maker: Shirley Cook
These vibrant colors in the pineapples
were my fav.  I could do without a border
but at least it was interesting.

'Pineapple in Blue and White'
Pattern by Freddy Moran
Maker: Peggy Johnson

'Pineapple Pizazz'
Maker: Nancy Swezey

A couple bird quilts caught my attention
'Birds in Flight'
Bird blocks, impromptu pattern
Maker: Jane Merkel and Kathy Heystee

'Chatter in the Orange Grove'
Patterns combined: Feathers and Strip to Shore
Maker: Judy Bauckham

Black, White and Red designs always reel me in.
Its' the BUCKEYE girl in me.
A traditional Design with an efffort to be modern.
I think the scrappy design feels like improv
vs template cutting?

'Scrappy Day'
Scrap Crazy 6" templates
Maker:  Catherine latimer

Kaffe Fasset fabrics were found in many quilts in these
southern Florida Shows.  That fabric is a bit to buzy for me.

Pattern: n/a but techniques was randomly pulling fabrics
out of a bag to make the blocks.
Maker: Nancy Swezey

The vertical straight line quilting is modern.

I immediately recognized these blocks
as "Glitter" blocks.  My friend Rita Minamyer
is hand piecing them and share them on FB often.
And all batiks...lotta batik quilts here in the south as well.

Not really modern but yet, here they are!

"What is the Point'
Pattern: Glitter by Jen Kingwell
Maker: Pat Walrath

Pattern: Daybreak by Jaybird Quilts
Maker: Donna Shirley
Beautiful quilting on this to highlight each block design.

'Hanging Garden'
Kay Buffington class - Pattern n/a
Maker: Catherine Latimer
Batiks...meh, but the design was good.

This was a Interpretive Art Quilt
I saw this fabric panel in several quilts and a tote bag.

'Modern Windows with One Step of Tradition'
Jean Wells Improv Workshop
Maker: Carrol Petroske