Wednesday, June 30, 2021


It’s been a very rough and sad month for me.
I had to say goodbye to a very special friend. 
He fought serious health issues, valiantly for 15 months. 
I am grateful I got to say my goodbyes while he was in hospice.
When I whispered I was there...
He opened his eyes and said…I love you.

I shared  51 years of friendship and shenanigans with...
John Michael "Moose" Mulligan.

Here, he was skiing at Snowmass Mountain, Aspen, Colorado in the 80s
That will be where his ashes will settle.
One more run down Snowmass Mountain and a final Apre Ski.
His final resting place because he had so many wonderful memories,
with all his friends, on this mountain.

This was Moose just a couple years ago!
When he would vacation with my husband, Phil and me
In Myrtle Beach, SC.  We made this journey for many, many years.
Phil and Moose golfing during thr day…dinners out at night. 
He loved those shrimp n grits.

We all have to work thru our grief any way we can.
Thru the years of loosing loved ones...fabric has been my path to healing.

 The week after Moose passed, I cut the hell out of fabric scraps.
Never underestimate the healing power of a rotary cutter.

It began with a pile of Flea Market Fancy scraps, that I love.

2 hoarded charm packs from my stash.
Tiddly Winks and Just Wing It
cut into 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles

But the grief therapy didn't stop here.
I pulled scraps from my huge scrap basket 
and cut them into usable sizes.

2 1/2" strips

5" and 3 1/2" squares

2 1/2" squares, 2" strips and 2 1/2 x 5" rectangles

I kept some larger scraps in a separate bin.

And a bin for solid scraps.

I cut  3 sets of rectangles and 5" squares for charity quilts.
a few days before he passed...cause I knew it was gonna happen.

I had a hard time sleeping and when i became tired of 
cutting scraps, I began to purge them.

These 2 huge bags of scraps are going to my best friend 
Shirley, for her church group.

Then I found a bag of strings, some foundation pieced blocks
and a phone book that I used the pages for the foundation paper.
These go to Shirley also.

It will take time to fill the hole in my heart.
My wonderful memories made with him, will do that.

To all my friends who have supported me during this past year
during this hellish roller coaster ride, thank you.
Your prayers for Moose and me...were appreciated.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Our granddaughter Ashleigh and her boyfriend Billy,
tied the knot after 12 years together.

Phil aka Grandpa, waiting for the fun to begin.

Ashleigh asked her Grandpa to walk her down the isle, with her Dad.

The small wedding chapel was just perfect for the event.

Ashleigh was so beautiful on her special day.

Mr. and Mrs.
Notice the sunglasses on Billy....
yep, he forgot they were even on his head!

The family ...grows.

Phil, Ashleigh and Me

There was a lovely garden on site,
 but with heat in the 90s they opted just to take pictures outside

Grandpa photo bombing!

And of course, I instigated this photo bomb!

And the couple stopped traffic on High Street
Worthington, OH

And stole a few kisses while they were at it!

Daddy's little girl, of course.

And my handsome.007, Secret Agent
Blues Brothers looking hubby!

It was wonderful to actually be able to finally attend a family event.
This was the first wedding since 2019.

Sunday, June 13, 2021


My husband bought me the best birthday gift this year.
A membership + One to Franklin Park Conservatory.

I don't mind going alone, but taking a friend is very special.
Especially if they have never been there.


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The topiaries thru the garden this year, are fishes!

A cardinal which will look amazing when all the red blooms fill in.

And a flock of Flamingo

There are beautiful containers through out the garden.

A fun caterpillar made of rocks in the Children's Garden.
The Children's Garden is quite amazing in and of itself.

 A nice bee house awaits residents in swarm?

There's an amazing train display in the garden.
The Paul Busse Garden Railway.
I have now seen this in 3 seasons.

Once you enter the abounds.
Including many installations of Dale Chihuly glass art installtions.
A permanent part of this beautiful garden.

This is in a ceiling of a rock tunnel...don't forget to look up!

Of course, you can find beatufil water falling and tropical
flowers throughout.  Soon the Butterflies will be released and then
the beauty just flutters about. 

But nothing is a beautiful in the garden as a friend.
Linda Craig and I have been friends since the early 80s.
For one day a year we are the same being 364 days older!

And of course I had my Flamingo shirt on for this special visit!

The first Sunday of the month is Community Day.
The Garden is free to all who wish to visit.