Wednesday, February 28, 2024


You can keep your high end, high priced irons.
I have drank that nasty kool-aid too and lemme say...they ALL LEAK!
I started buying the $20 irons at BIG LOTS many years ago and
eventually they leak, but some have lasted longer

In January, while at a retreat, there were two of these
wonderful small, DRY irons to use during our stay!
I was doubtful cause it was a DRY iron, small iron!

After using it for the weekend...we were all impressed.
Several of us ordered one on-line before we got to Day 2!
Panasonic Auto DRY Iron
It may read that it "ships from Japan"
but mine was delivered via Amazon Prime
in just 2 - Days.
It was at my home, before I was!

And look at this price it was offered at on AMAZON!
$44  WTH!

She's small and lightweight!

It has an auto-shutoff after some time of inactivity.
I haven't pinned down that time yet...

The sole plate is SOLID...
No holes cause there is NO water NO Steam
And in case you wonder....
The tiny tip is the hottest part 
but man does it press those seams flat!

Look how small it is for our hands.
Most irons are so big and bulky and HEAVY!

The only downside is all the printing on the iron and the instructions are
But I found this pic on the internet to show you the degrees in Fahrenheit.
It's not rocket science and if you can make a quilt...
You can figure the iron out!

I am NOT being paid for this review.
I just love this little iron.
Sew much, I am about ready to order another
cause I never want to be without it!

Thursday, February 22, 2024


Columbus OH
Franklin Park Conservatory
Orchid Show, January 2024
Dale Chihuly installations 
Infinite Hearts quilt!

My sweet friend Susan was my first
for this winter outing!

Quilts in the Wild are simply the best! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2024


I needed to work on my second Infinity Hearts quilt
at The Kwilty Girls retreat, January 2024.
My first one, went to my son.
I had plenty of pinks and whites left over
 sew the challenge to finish by February 2024 was on!

I had some fun red w/white heart fabric
by Michael Miller for the backing.

You can see it here on the right side of the finished top!

Top was completed at retreat.
I pieced batting to fit the wall hanging.
The back is all those cute hearts
and only one seam to get it together.

I used pool noodles to spray baste this one.

And before I begin to quilt...
I give a good press to both sides,
making sure no wrinkles snuck in.
I also add a few pins for safe measure.

The straight line quilting is all it needed.
My Bernina 740 is great for quilting with a larger throat space
and a dual feed option for the pressure foot.
I set the stitch length at 3.75 and put the
needle all the way right on the 9mm wide face place space!
White thread was perfect for this lovely!

Binding is my favorite part of any quilt.
I get to relive the making of each quilt
and feel the warmth as I hand stitch down
to the finish!

Stay opp pics coming soon!

Thursday, February 8, 2024


If you are in Cincinnati, gotta check out...

I began visiting here with Kathy Guenther when
it was just a very small store.
Not so small anymore!

Lot of quilts hanging around!

Yummy fabrics around every corner.

and I found some great sale fabrics at $5.99/yd

Hamilton, OH has this fun shop!
Sew-Ezy Sewing Studio.

With lots of traditional fabrics.

Loveland OH has their own shop
The Quilters Studio of Loveland
and if you stay at the Retreat House
you get a 10% discount.

filled to the brim with fabric and fun!

I love the scotch boxes around the store
as part of their displays.

And what would Cincy be without a BENGLES tshirt quilt!

Silk Road Textiles, is one of my favorites Cincy shops!

Its full of unique fabrics...

Including some Alexander Henry


Lots of yarn...adding more fiber to your shopping diet!

Last but certainly not least is
It probably is my favorite shop!

They have a HUGE collection of Charley Harper!

And yummy Art Gallery Fabrics

And these fun things made their way back home with me!

Sew be sure to check the web for all the fun fabric and fiber stores
before you next visit to Cincinnati, OH!