Friday, May 30, 2014


The National Quilting Association (NQA), 
a very traditional quilt show, was in town.  
I have entered "traditional" kwilts in this show before.
For the first time a "modern" quilt category was offered.
 I was curious how the "traditional" judges would judge "modern" kwilts.

My "modern" entry was judged. 
Made with my favorite fabric of all time, 
COMMA (hence the name) by Zen Chic 
 in a wonky impromptu modern pluses design
Thanks Jeni Baker, In Color Order for the tutorial.

The judges liked the color and fabric choices/overall design, 
they suggested a smaller kwilting stitch;
better care to line up block intersections; 
and thought more overall kwilting was needed.  
I didn't kwilt the crosses...just the 4 quadrants.  
Judges didn't realize that was a design choice.   

 They also liked the "gray" color for my binding 
but indicated my technique needs improvement...hmmm 
a bit more detail here would've been helpful.

AND there was no mention about the backing design
which is a big deal in "modern" kwilts!


My second kwilt was not judged and 
entered in the  "Going Green"  exhibit.

 was made from my Mom's house dresses 
and a very healing kwilt for me after she passed.

As I walked toward this one 
unexpected tears began to fill my eyes as I thought...
Mom...can you see it?  Are "you" proud of my work?
(Mom was a kwilter)
For me...this was the BEST OF SHOW in my heart!

 Here's what I have learned about "judgement of a kwilt"
in any kwilt show.

 I don't care about winning ribbons or prizes...
on any given day a judge may like or dislike the kwilt they are judging.
There will always be kwilts in the show
 that are waaaay beyond what I want to do in kwilt making.

Constructive feedback from the judges
is always helpful and I respect their opinions.
However, one must read it with an open mind.

 I enjoy the process of making my kwilts 
and love seeing them hang in shows.  
I like stepping back and listening to comments 
by the "people" looking at my kwilts.

I invest a lot of time and money in my passion.  
And all that beautiful fabric is stunning, hanging in a show. 
If only to my eyes.

I am NOT and will never be a kwilting perfectionist. 
The kwilt police will never stop my creativity. 

What are you thoughts about entering kwilt shows?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jelly Roll Race Day

I am so happy to be part of two kwilting groups
here in Columbus, OH... 
The Nationwide Plaza Quilters, and
The James Stitching Sisters

You will see several designs in the pics
but all were made from 2 1/2" x WOF pieces. 

The Plaza Quilters recently made all these Jelly Roll
quilts (all cut from stash) 
They were donated to JSS to be kwilted 
and given to cancer patients going thru treatments.

and another one...but not from the race

Thanks Plaza Quilters...
paying it forward never looked so good! 

Sew tell me, what charity do you make kwilts for?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I've been a bit slow in making Handmade Christmas gifts.
But zippy pouches always makes a fun gift!


And a few fabric coasters make a nice hostess gifts. 
To see my tutorial on how to make these 
 click here

  Yup.. a few more done!

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And the winner of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway is...

 STEPHANIE #27...who said

Thanks to all who left comments!  
You all had great "go to " gifts to make!

Check out all the fun projects from 2QTR
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


After a long weekend of retreating with 30 fun kwilters
I finished these fun baby quilt tops.

Check out the before and after pics.


I didn't get to these kits...but first hot summer day...
I'm all over it!

Happy Halloween!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

I also put binding on this kwilt that was already done.
and it is now in my Etsy shop.

Sew tell me...what did you work on last weekend?

Friday, May 16, 2014


Quilt Market?  NOT!!!
 I will have just as much fun with fabric and friends 
without walking my feet off! 
Headed to Amish country 3 day kwilting retreat.   

Friday to Monday time for sewing, eating, drinking, shopping, chatting! 
My Kwilty partner in crime, Kathy Guenther,  
is going with me and well...
double trouble hits the road!

I had visions of grandiose pulling fabric for these stash bustin' projects to take along. 
 I have been itching to get to these baby quilts. 

 Pre Cuts Quilts by Jane Vogel is my current favorite book.
 Floating 8s a great pattern and 
I plan on two tops from the fabric cut. 
I'll mix up the designs a bit!

I have 2 Halloween charm packs to mix up and cut black charms from my stash, 
for a Halloween Cherry Charm Pack pattern.  
I luv me some Halloween Kwilts. 

3 Times the Charm book (2) is a favorite.  
I also have the first book.  
They are full of great patterns to use up those "charms" 
I tend to hoard! 

"Backyard Fun" from Pre Cut Quilts, is a great pattern
that will let this polar bear be the star! 
Don't ya love the red, white and turquoise color combo?

I have one of those postcard patterns for this fun baby kwilt that I will mix up a bit.   
Someone has asked about buying this one,   
so its sitting on top of my excitement scale!   

This Noteworthy fabric /baby kit was purchased last year
 while I was at this retreat!  
Using another post card pattern "LaFrance" it will be quick and easy!

Guess we will see just what I get done!    
I'll be posting the weekend progress
on IG (@kwiltypleasures) and FB so come on 
and follow me there to see if I stay on track! 

Icons to all my social media are on the side bar!

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Sew what are you sewing this weekend?


Monday, May 12, 2014


 Spring has sprung and today you will find 
"Two Peas in a Pod" and "Sprouts" 

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day...find some new blogs, lots of inspiration 
and leave comments to WIN great prizes!.  

If you have not been to my blog, In a heart loves the Modern Kwilting while my feet are rooted in Traditional styles.  My passion for fabric and creativity, blends it all together!

A good friend of mine, Trish Preston, over at
  "TWO PEAS IN A POD"  has been designing "Homegrown Designs"  for some time.  

Today My giveaway is two of her cute "Sprouts" patterns!!

Make a banner for the next celebration!

Get comfy with some adorable pillows

Trish has just wrote her first book (yay)
"Because I Love you Sew" that will be released in July!  

Giveaway is open to all, will close Friday 5/18 
Random number winner selection.  
(Leave your email in your comment if you are a no reply blogger).  
Due to the number of comments I will receive... 
I will thank you all now and wish you best of luck!
What is your "go to" gift that you love to make.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Beginning TODAY and every other Saturday from May to July
Anna over at Life Sew Crafty  is hosting 

Why?  Because Anna's MIL, Tina, is no longer a statistic 
of the 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Tina is now fighting the fight of her life. 

This fight is near and dear to me because many of my friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
I am also a proud volunteer at The James Stitching Sisters
who make kwilts for cancer patients going thru treatments
here in Columbus, OH
Since 2005 JSS has given out over 8,000 kwilts

For this hop you will find pink blocks being made by participants, for a kwilt being donated to
The Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in Michigan

Here is my tutorial for a 
Grab those pink scraps! 

 and build a quick scrappy block!

Begin with a fun scrap for the center of the block
(like these fun scissors)

Keep sewing pieces from your scraps to each side of the center block.

Sew the pieces using 1/4" seam and press

Trim the edges after pressing to square up the block

Build the block to the "unfinished" size you need.
Use this simple formula SCRAP, SEW, PRESS, TRIM 

 My finished block is a 12 1/2" square.
Anna can use this size as is, or trim it down to fit wherever needed.
Because its SCRAPPY it is size forgiving and designer wise!
 It's a great block for a "combined effort" kwilt 

 Anna is hosting a give-away on August 2nd 
and there are many ways to enter this blog hop contest 
to win great prizes.  

  • Make a block and send to Anna (details here)
  • Repost about this hop on your blog and let Anna know
  • Make a monetary donation to help with Tina's medial expenses click here

And now the bloggers who know how to 
"Fight for PINKS SAKE"