Sunday, January 29, 2012

Binge Kwilting

The new year came in and for some souls a drinking binge may have occurred in the celebration of making it to another year.  I went on my own binge....a "Kwilting Binge".   I had several days off work and my son was on his way back to his home, so I was feeling the need to "make me happy".   

This was not my first Kwilting Binge but none-the-less I fell into the fabric abyss.  
It began with just me, my Bernina and a stack of UFOs.  
The intent was for me is to finish up as many UFOs as possible.   
Thank God for my crock pot and a husband who understand 
my obsession with fabric and the kwilting binge process!

 Looking at the pile of UFOs I wondered "where to begin"

...closed my eyes picked one.  

The hardest part of the binge for me, is staying focused. 

I have a tendency to let my eyes wander to that new pattern 
or fabric laying on the cutting table that  I've never put away yet. 

At the end of this binge, I made great progress and here are 
some of my UFOs that were either finished or 
moved to the next stage of UFO projects.  
 And yes, there is one project not yet in the UFO pile that I couldn't resist doing.

First up a 10-minute table runner that took a bit longer.  
My own fault as I wanted to make it larger and quilt it.  
This fits across the end of a bed or on the hope chest in the guest room.  
Ornaments galore!

Let's not forget about Halloween.  This was one of my first TWISTER 
designs made from a fabric swap of Halloween fabrics in my guild. 
 I added lace spider webs and a tiny charm spider on the large web.
Who is afraid of twisted spiders? 

Getting ready for a week long business trip 
 I had some beautiful Valley of the Kings fabric and just new they'd be t
he right choice for a tote and iPad case. 

I found a ugly black computer glove- type bag at the thrift store for a couple bucks.  
Took it apart, kept the great zipper, recovered it, and quilted 
with a crosshatch design.  Put it back together and it's a one-of-a-kind beauty! 

Talk about UFOs.  This next quilt top will make you all feel better about yours.  
 I took this Strips and Curves class over 5 years ago....
I just finished the top...still have to quilt. it so really
 it  continues to reside in the UFO pile  
As of Dec 2012, I don't have it quilted.  YIKES

Yet another Twister jumps into the binge but this one is finished.  
A Holiday charm pack  Twister.  
It's table top size but a finished UFO is a finished UFO.  

And finally..the one that wouldn't go away.  
A project I had NOT started before the binge. 
 It was a jelly roll race of my own.   
I had seen this on YouTube and I had to give it a try.  
My time to sew just the seams of the jelly rolls  "after" 
sewing the strips end to end was 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

I had two charm packs that matched the jelly roll, 
so I had to use those with the top.  
To give the quilt a place to rest your eyes, 
 I added a solid inside border then added 
the charm pack border as an outside border.  

Waiting on a Snow-Day for 
my next Kwilty Pleasure adventure which just may be a binge!