Monday, July 18, 2016


the best piddling job I have ever had! do I piddle?

For instance...the All People Quilt UFO challenge 
My project for JUNE was a Sewing Machine Cover
that I finished last February...

I decided to use more of my COMMA fabric 
to make a Teflon lined travel bag for my small iron.

My UFO challenge for JULY
was to finish some zippy pouches
They were done in May!

This one is a donation for a friend's fund raiser!

Another UFO challenge completed
This could be a Halloween swap extra?
Its reversible!

With plenty of piddly time on my hands.. 

I used a charm pack to make coaster for two

4th of July parties I was attending.

This month I'm sewing for swaps and making holiday gifts. 
and some piddly these needle minders

Found some kitchen towels laying around,
added some stash scraps and they will be
future swap extras or hostess gifts. 
 YUP those are some Christmas Ghastlies on the right!

Staying ahead of my own sewing game as I...

what fun projects are you working on this summer?

Monday, July 11, 2016


I finished up an Instagram Swap 
 #undertheseaswap recently and mailed it off to my partner, 
Stacey Smith @23whiteterrace 

Stacey indicated she loves 
this Heather Ross, Mendocino fabric
sew I ordered some!

Her first choice of a project was a pouch
so this one is pretty roomy.

 Close up of the quilting

Stacey mentioned she was allergic to walnuts 
but if I made a pincushion and stuffed it
with crushed walnut shells...she would not eat it!
How could I resist!

Tiny paper pieced geese were challenging but fun!

The back is just as cute with the fish!

More Mermaids, octopus and turtles...

and I made a sunglasses or eyeglass case
using the mustard as the lining.

I luv me some scraps and made note cards

I purchased this extra cause....
well it had to go into the package!

and here it is...including a pattern I tossed in as an extra!
Lots of under the sea treasures!

I have two more swaps currently in the works...
you'll here more about them later!

What is your favorite item in this swap package?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


My grandson, Nique, recently graduated from High School 
earning an "academic" full ride" to 
The Ohio State University.  

My hubby, Phil,  is an alumni and 
we both LOVE The Ohio State Buckeyes 
Sew, of course...I had to make Nique a Buckeye Quilt!

First quilt I quilted on my Bernina B740
Luv the 10" throat much easier to quilt!

I have been stitching text on the front of my quilts recently,
instead of a label on the back....can't take this off to easily! 

The OSU sheet found at a thrift store!

All done!

 Nique wrapping himself in some BUCKEYE LOVE!

Which one of these guys is happier?
Grandpa Phil or Nique?

And I am happy to have moved yet another quilt 
from my heart to his!

Only about 80 days til the BUCKEYES kick off 
the football season...but who is counting?