Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Virtual Cookie Exchange organized by
Carol at Just Let Me Quilt begins today!
I happen to be the first of many bloggers who will share
their holiday recipes, traditions and fun!

I have been a COOKIE DIVA since 2000

 I hosted Christmas Cookie Exchange Parties
with my girlfriends for 10 years.
This is a pic from the last year...when
I presented each sweet friend with her own 
"Cookie Diva Apron"

My party was not your typical cookie exchange!
I prepared and served a complete meal,
made each guest a "handmade" party favor,
made Cookie Recipe Books (using their recipes) for all
AND I decked my halls with as many as 17 Christmas trees.

COOKIE DIVAS had to bring 6 dozen, of 1 cookie
(no duplicates...they had to call asap with recipe)
NO store bought, NO no-bakes, HOMEMADE!

Dress in the party theme...different FUN theme each year!
Girls dressed in everything from Santa's Suites,
to this Christmas Mouse

I had wonderful prizes every year for best dressed, best cookie, etc.
Sew many wonderful memories with my friends.

The "Vintage Apron Theme" was one of my favorite parties.
I asked each girl to wear the apron and then gift it to me.
They each signed a muslin square 
with their name and the year we met.

I wouldn't tell them why!!!
I made this Memory Quilt with Friendship Stars
using those aprons and signed squares

Block close up 
FMQ on a longarm by Shirley Haller.

Here's the label

Of course, because of these parties the girls
crowned me "The Cookie Queen"
 I have a special "cookie baking" apron...

I have many cookie recipes to share with you today
They are on my Sweet Celebrations tab...
For quick access click here  !

But THIS cookie is a favorite!

November 27

Get the entire 3-day lineup here at

And as you read this I am on my way to see to see 
The Biltmore Estate decorated for Christmas. 
See Asheville, NC holiday lights
and stock up on my Biltmore Wine! 
Our 19th Anniversary is Dec 4 but this is our celebration.

I will respond to your comments as soon as I can...
Please tell me what your favorite Christmas Cookie is...