Thursday, October 26, 2017


My son Eric, has been an Ohio State Buckeye Fan 
since he was born.  OK I put him in this outfit...
which now hangs in the Buckeye Corner of our basement bar!

Because Eric lives in South Carolina...
BUCKEYE cheer gear is hard to find.
I take care of that all the buying him this shirt!

Eric also loved Coach Jim Tressel
I have such great memories of us watching those games
together, when we could....and during those 
10 TRESSEL YEARS of Ohio State Football
I collected tshirts for each year of glory!

I also found the "Thank You" tee made after Tressel resigned 
(because he took the fall for a sad mistake) 
We fondly call this exit "Tatoo-gate"

I used charcoal gray grunge to set the shirts!

The back includes 3 shirts I actually wore!
Buckeye Mama had to be part of it...right?
 I used a FMQ meander, to hold it all together!

Yes this entire Murphy/Gordon family bleeds scarlet and gray!

It is an amazing quilt...and my husband (an OSU Alumni) 
was very was not his!

 Eric celebrated his 40th birthday this year...
and every stitch in this quilt is from Mom, with lots of love
I luv the label stitched into the border...

I took a couple shots of the quilt by the ocean 
before I gave it to him.

We missed getting a photo of us together with the quilt.
but, Eric just sent me this one.

He may be 40 but he is still a kid at heart...
...the kid that has my heart!

Eric picked the fabrics for this first OSU quilt
He also designed it and Mom made it too!

We are #buckeyesforlife

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


There has been so much disaster and loss for many people
in the past hurricane season.  

I had some "test pattern" tops finished that were in my UFO pile. 
A call came out on Instagram to make "Quilts for Harvey" 
   I did not miss a beat making backings,bindings and
mailing these out for quilting.  

 Woven Fence, by Andrea Aldredge @scarletkey 

I love this pattern!  Its quick, easy and makes up into 
several sizes...this is a baby quilt!
You can buy her pattern here on Craftsy!

Next test pattern, Shades, by Emily Lang.   
I keep asking @mommysnaptime for her link 
so folks can purchase the pattern but nothing yet.  

Last, but certainly not least,  a lap size top made 
with Raspberry Kiss blocks that were part of a swap
on Instagram, hosted by Jessica, @craftycop

This was tough to let go, but I felt it was the right thing to do!

I was surprised when someone on Instagram commented 
on one of my posts of this "pay it forward moment" 
that money is what is needed, not quilts. 

I think it is important to "Pay it Forward" 
anyway our hearts tell us too!
And besides, Harvey was my Dad's name
He would be proud of me doing this!

How do you pay it forward?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Llamas, alpacas and sheep OH MY!

My friend Kathy Guenther asked me if I knew anything about
The 22nd Wool Fiber Fair  in Yellow Springs, OH?
Nope, but that was about to change.
Young's Dairy Farm was the venue and a great mid-way
point for us to meet. 
We also dragged our better halves along...
I mean, animals should be interesting to them 
while yarn shopping was our main goal!

Phil and me and a cute straw sheep!

 THIS...over 100 vendors 
selling yummy yarns and such

Color was everywhere!

My find was this beauty from the "Game of Thrones" Collection  The"Casterly Rock" colorway!
Knitting a scarf and binge watching Game of Thrones
is now on my winter schedule.

Lunch and some chit-chat made itfun Sunday outing.
We may just visit again next year!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Doris Ann (DA) and I have been friends since early 70s
We met via a belly dancing class, danced in Greek nightclubs
And proved, well before Shakira sang it,
"the hips don't lie"

Roomies once, she moved to Texas for a time.
I visited her and the "smokin hot" Marlboro Men!

She loves high heels...
Sew her first quilt from me made in 2011...
still has a place on her sofa!

Its been a long and winding road for us!
DA just bought her first house!
A visit to see it last June involved lots of wine
catching up and a new "housewarming" quilt! 

Don't remember the pattern from 2011 magazine...
 Moda "Quilt Blocks" Jelly Roll

The backing was stash fabrics all pieced together!
It's one of my quilts I had to make...
but only the future would tell me who would receive it.
Stored it safely away.

DA cried when she read the label I embroidered onto the front.
"There's No Place Like Home"

I am truly blessed to have her friendship
 still in my life after all these wonderful years.
Cuddle up, Buttercup!
Love you!