Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's so fulfilling when a quilt is finished!
It's kinda like saying...go ahead with that new project!
And here are 3 of my "finally finished" quilts.

2012 Mystery Quilt - Cat's Meow Pattern
I led my work quilting group thru this Mystery Quilt project 
last year.  Click here to see some of their quilts from
this challenge.  Amazing how colors give it a whole different feel.
I am so proud of their dedication and work on this challenge.
Michelle Mayton from Mansfield, Ohio 
did a beautiful custom quilting design!



My BFF, Shirley Haller, who lives in Indiana, quilted the next tow quilts for me as my Christmas present.  Now that is an awesome present that I won't be returning!   LOL   

This is the NOVA pattern from the book Scrap Basket Quilts.  
 2 1/2" pastel batiks from a guild "fabric swap" 
with a bold jewel tone batik to frame it.


This 2012 quilt began as a Bento Box pattern.  
I loved the Asian prints but the pattern 
just wasn't speaking to me as I placed it on the design wall. 
So I scrambled up the pieces and used my eyes to design the layout.
Now, I love it!


I will keep the Mystery Quilt, but the other Kwilty Pleasures
will end up as gifts to family members.

What's on your "finished" list?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Nite Sew In - A Tote full of Fun

 I started making this bag last month during Heidi's
 Remember the fun giraffe fabrics.

It's FINISHED ! ! !

 It's the Chubby Charmer pattern designed by
Penny Sturges...but with
a few tweaks of my own.

Added a big pocket to the front
Added shoulder straps vs shorter handles.
Easy to carry on the shoulder along with
a baby in your arms.

Two fabric strips sewn into the back of the bag
 make the easy to open and close
as they fit snugly around a large button.

Pattern calls for magnets to close the sides
But I like the look of the fabric ties.
Untie these for LOTS of room inside
to carry whatever you need.

Inside also has a large 9 x 10" pocket on each side.

and the back side of tote
This bag finishes at about 14 T x 18 W x 10 Deep. 

The new owner loves this fun Kwilty Pleasure!

I am not sure what I'll be working on tonite.
Click here to see who is joining in the fun for this month's

Handmade by Heidi


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All About ME Blog Hop and a "Nutty" GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway contest is closed!
Thanks for commenting!

WELCOME to the "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" blog hop!

Thanks to Amy Bradley who provided 
the fun pattern for us today.

 A shout out to Marlene over at Stitching by the Lake            
for cheering the blogging team on and 
to Madam Samm, at Sew we Quilt  for once again 
coaching us to more victories in stitches!

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of 
The Ohio State Buckeyes

Fans are known for wearing Buckeye necklaces 
and having great times at football games and parties!
For those who don't know
 so today... I'm a Little...NUTS!

Here I sit on our bar 
decked out in my team colors of scarlet and gray!

I hand embroidered the "I'm a little" 
and the face/dress details.
I drew my letters free hand.

The feather boa tickles me "scarlet"
when the Buckeyes win a game!
And trust me....when I light the Buckeye candle
the coffee mug has something
a bit stronger than coffee for game day revelry!   

Check out the "Cheer Gear" necklace.  
All ready for game day and another winning season!
The "Buckeyes" in my necklace are clay beads

And now I'm hanging around the 
"Buckeye Tree" that sits in the bar all year long!

So here's to the IT'S ALL ABOUT ME
blog hop and for being one of the 

Another thing about ME is I love my followers
and like to thank you for your support by offering
Kwilty Pleasures "giveaways"  

Leave me a message telling me
who is your favorite team AND their team colors.
On Feb 28th one fan will "win"  
4 FQs in your team's colors...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Just when I thought I'd take a break from being a participant in blog hops....Madam Samm slips yet another fun one in the mix.
Being a romantic....I couldn't resist

Special Valentine wishes are going over to Jane at 
Janes Fabric and Quilts for hosting this hop.
The full Hugs N Kisses schedule is here.  

Please be my Valentine and enjoy the Heart Pincushions
 I made for the hop.

You can find the "Moda Love" Pincushion Pattern here.  

My Kwilty Angel was created by my BFF Shirley
and her dress is a replica made from 
my first wedding dress.
The fun polka dot Michael Miller back drop
seemed fun and bright - to wake up your heart!

I have a couple more hearts to share
that I made previous to this hop.

This wall hanging was a quilt contest at a local shop.
I purchased a kit that included a panel and a few FQs.
I could add more fabric, and create my own design. 

"Hearts a Flutter"
WON - 2nd place and a 25.00 gift card to the shop.

I donated this wall hanging to a silent auction
at The James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, OH.

A very sweet friend and former neighbor
 loved the yellow and blues in the Country French design.
This was a "watercolor" wall hanging 
I made her for Christmas. 
This would be a beauty in reds and pinks!

Now take your hugs and kisses over to the other blogs.

Tuesday February 12th

Kwilty Pleasures (that's me)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rainbow Scraps - GOT GRAPES?

It's Scrap Happy Saturday and the color PURPLE...
 is on my design wall. 
I'm using the "mile a minute" technique!

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is proving to be 
not only fun...but I am actually using my SCRAPS!

Now, speaking of grapes...where's my wine?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ohhhhhhh...What A Relief It Is!

No this is NOT an Alka Seltzer commercial!

But a CELEBRATION of relief!

Friday, April 5th will be my last day to
make that rush hour drive into corporate America!
All exit signs point to....
Retirement Illustration -

A quote from my husband Phil, who is already retired.
"The worst thing about being retired is...
 you never get a day off"
Gotta love him!

Kathy and Phil - Cruise photo 2011
Might be time for a celebration  CRUISE!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Split Personality Kwilt

For the last 5 years I have been a member of 
Common Threads Quilt Guild.  
I am the kinda person who will step up to help where needed. 
"Before" I knew it and "After" some margaritas
 I was Co-VP  and then Co-President. 

New officers began the year and at the January meeting 
the members presented me this beautiful batik quilt
as a thank you gift.

The pattern for this design is
"Split Personality"  

Hmmmm, if you think about it...
it does take two personalities to hold an office.  
The personality to be a quilting friend, and enjoy all the fun.  
AND the personality required to make sure things got done!
Sometimes that side is not so fun!

The quilt was presented in a cute little suitcase
cause I would be "moving on"!
Just shows how creative presentations can be!

For those of you at Common Threads who follow my blog
and have shared some wonderful times during these past years,
thank you for your friendship, inspiration and the lovely quilt!