Saturday, November 18, 2023


In October (2023) Kathy Guenther and I visited a couple local parks 
to snap some fabulous "quilts in the wild" pics.

Here we are at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH

Kathy's quilt is the light gray pumpkins!
Mine is the ORANGE Ghastlies churn dash quilt!

Do you ever take your "quilts in the wild".
It makes for great conversations with complete strangers
who can't believe "you made that?'

Tuesday, November 14, 2023


It's Halloween, October 31, 2023
I have just taken my Quilt Exhibit down at
Inniswood Metro Gardens (those photos coming soon)
This is My Ghastlies Pumpkin Patch Quilt
Pattern is Hocus Pocus by the Pattern Basket
E2E Pumpkins and vine
by Kim Hensley, Happily Ever Quilting.

strikes again!

Happy Halloween from me and my GHASTLLIENESS!

Saturday, November 11, 2023


In 2010 Jane Sassaman had a line of fabric called Sunshine and Shadows,
that I fell in love with. A collection of beautiful Garden Prints that included
 Coleus, Jack in the Pulpit, Twigs and Garden Tiles.
I often purge my stash but I just couldn't give this fabric up!
It sat in my stash until last year (2022) when 
I found a pattern on PINTEREST I wanted to use. 

The pattern was in a 2010 International Quilt Festival magazine that
was no longer in print. I ordered a digital copy of the magazine with
The "Avalon" pattern, by Elizabeth Hartman.

I loved this design that I think looks like garden beds.
The backing was a vibrant mustardy color (in my stash).
 I added prints of Jack in the Pulpit for a modern finish!

While visiting my son in Myrtle Beach last September (2023)
we visited Brookgreen Gardens (Garden City, SC) for a photo op!

The E2E Ginko Leaves pattern was Longarm Quilted by
Kim Hensley of Happily Ever Quilting.

This is Raider's of the Lost Ark kiddo!

I can't even tell you how much this day meant to me.
Spending time with Eric and my beautiful quilt in a stunning garden
is all this Mom could hope for!

I think he enjoyed it too!

My kid doesn't like to be in photos nor does he like any extra
attention when out and about.
Sew this day was a gift from God...
as Eric will always be!

Monday, November 6, 2023


Sometimes I get so busy with life that my blog posting gets lost! 
I need to keep after this albeit old fashioned, in the social media world 
It’s my creative journal and I use it often to find a detail or photo about a project.
My blog will carryon and I although I have many followers on IG
I hope someone out there is still following along!  

 I was at the beach this past spring and I took along an easy knitting project.
The Hitchhiker Scaf by Martina Behm. 

Here are the details about the yarn.
I just LOVVVVVVE the Medusa color-way 

Looks a bit different when rolled into a ball and ready to knit. 

April, 2023 at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

I made this cute knitting project bag and always love this view from the condo balcony.

I began knitting my scarf at the beach.
I didn’t get to stay long as my husband got pneumonia and we headed home for recovery.  
He was hospitalized for 8 days!!!!

I finished the scarf at home while enjoying football games (thankfully) with my hubby!

ALL Finished! 

Do you take projects on vacation?