Monday, December 28, 2020


I call these Christmas PAST quilts
because Christmas has just PASSED
and I did not get them made.

Winter is coming and I will work on these for
Christmas 2021.
I am NOT giving 2020 anything else...
It took so much of me with the damn virus,
lockdowns, masks, social distance...
ALL the rules, losses and the depression!

I have everything cut to make a Christmas Plaidish Scrap Quilt.
Just Reds, Greens and Low Volume Christmas Prints.

I received a lot of these fabrics from my friends
 over on Instagram's Get your Quilty Wishes Granted.
Quilters are sew very generous.

I also have this SWELL Santa Quilt to make.
Lots of background patterns to choose from.
But the Jingle Jangle HO HO HO works for me.
Some quilting friends gave me some of the fabrics.
Sew stinking vintage and sew cute!

I have had Zen Chic's White Christmas FQ bundle for a couple years.
Again, I can never decide which pattern I want to make.
I might do a version of  Zen Chic's 'Those Trees' for the front.
and a couple blocks from 'Christmas Stars' pattern on the back.

Aren't these pattern great!

I also need to make another Modern Christmas Tree Block Quilt.
I sent this one to my best friend Shirley,
 She has endured one hell of a year fighting breast cancer.
She loves Christmas and Christmas Trees...
how could I not give this to my dearest and lifelong friend.

I hope you Christmas season was the best it could be.

Thursday, December 24, 2020


I really love this vintage Santa...its SWELL.
2020 didn't give me much to be happy about...
Sew I have collected the fabrics and the very large applique
and this will be on my radar for 2021.

Many of my quilty friends gave me fabrics and
I ordered some.

I am leaning toward this quilt.
I have the pattern.

But isn't this log cabin amazing?

I like the Scrappy Trip Around the World
but that's a LOT of seams!

But if you know me, you KNOW I love a Churn Dash.

I have some time to consider my options.
But the HO HO HO may be the one for me and my Claus.

Hey, what's that I hear on the roof?

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


This might seem like old news...
BUT it needs a post because its sew full of
what giving means to me. 

This is my 81 yo Sister, Arbutus Swackhammer.
Yep that's her can't make that up.

She had had a rough life...much by choice...much by
incidents that should never happen to anyone.

But this is a happy post. 
About her Adult Protective Services Caseworker, Brandon,
 and how he helped Arbutus find a new and happy life in 2020.

Brandon has 2 little boys, I had lots of novelty fabrics.
I decided a quilt for each boy was a perfect way to say 
'thank you' for all his help.

I had all these prints in my stash to choose from.

Perfect Ten, by Swirly Girl Designs is my 'go to' pattern for kids.
Makes a great size quilt to enjoy for years.

 Caleb, age 3, animals and bright colors.

Caleb 6, Robots and Helicopters

You see, Brandon works in Licking County
and he found her housing in Marion County
That was a 1 1/2 hour drive each way.
He made that trip once or twice a month
to ensure she would be ok.

My sister had NOTHING to setup housekeeping.
Brandon worked to get her an apartment she could afford.
to set up all the senior services available to her.
Many people donated household goods and delivered to me.
Brandon, would pick them up and take them to her.
You see, COVID was spreading fast and we were asked to stay at home.
I decided then my thank you gift would touch his little boys lives.
It wasn't long until I had two quilts made.


My Bernina 740 has a text function.
So each quilt was labeled, on the front of the quilt, after quilting.
Made by: Mrs. Clause 2020

I rolled them up and tied them with fabric.

Bagged them for Daddy to pick up on my porch.
He would place the bags under their tree for Christmas morning.
After all, they are from Mrs. Claus.

Christmas Day, Brandon sent me this picture.
THIS is why I love playing Mrs. Claus.
THIS is what the holiday season means to me.
THIS is a Merry Christmas.

I am already working of my giving for 2021.
I will find a Mrs. Claus recipient.
You can count on that!

Sunday, December 20, 2020


My modern quilting group,
The Columbus Modern Quilters
recently had an on-line reveal of our 2020 Mystery Quilt

We received a total of 7 Clues.
The last was the layout of this top.
I grabbed some screen shots.
(photos by quilters, power point by Leigh Morgan)

This is my Mystery Quilt.
My hubby thinks it looks like a Native American design.
I'll go with that....when deciding the name.
I plan to quilt this one in 2021.

Rachel never disappoints with her work.
There were lots of little HTS left over from
one of the blocks...they ended up in the backing.

Leslie brought some beautiful colors to the cutting table.
We had an option for borders, 1, 2 or none.
She used a white for the small border and a pink batik
that matches the inside squares of the stars.

Heather showed us how a vibrant background
makes her design shine.  Just like her little girl.

Tami gave us a softer look and used
slub canvas fabrics.

I wish more finishes were available to see.
2021 will get us back together, meeting in person.
I will guess that first meeting might be an
entire day of "show n tell"
Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Friday, December 11, 2020


I happen to love this light spruce green color!
Add some back, gray and white
when making cards and WOWZA!

Check out this amazing Dragonfly card
I found on Pinterest.
 The designer, Rachel Tessman,  
had a video and a blog post showing how to make it!
Her blog and business is Stamp Your Art Out!
She's a fun person in her videos...not to over the top!

I used my own stuff and CASEd her card
 (copying another scrapers effort) or  simply giving credit to designer!
Under the dragonfly wings is a vellum dragonfly.
The dragonfly is attached to the inside of the card.
The wings fold up and slip thru the punched hole.
Then fold them back down.

Had lots of this spruce color and coordinating papers
so I  CASEd lot of Christmas card
Jackie Bolhois YouTube video titled
'Stamp Along with Dave and Make 1s.1 Easy Greeting Cards'

I like to add a stamp inside besides the greeting.

and on the envelopes

And I made some gift card holders!
Also found on Pinterest.
These have belly bands but will fit 
inside an A2 card envelope.

My design, gift cards.

I have been with a cardmaking group for 3 years.
COVID has changed how we meet (we don't)
and what we do (card swaps)
I miss the social part of our group so I dropped out.
I felt like I have enough supplies without a 
quarterly buy - in?  
2020 gave me lots of time to work on my own.
I think I got it!

PS Always do what is best for your own heart.
Your 'true" friends will remain, regardless.


Friday, December 4, 2020


Welcome to my Great Room and
The Clan Gordon Christmas Tree. 
I have many trees each year,
My Scottish Theme Tree and Mantle
transports Clan Gordon to Scotland each year.
Even Santa has a bagpipe!

It all begins with the tree.
Much to my chagrin...this is what happened
when I plugged in my pre-lit tree. Once lights begin to go...
I don't trust them any more.  
I love this tree as it has many kinds of branches
so, I opted to do a crazy thing.

I took wire clips and cut off  ALL the lights. 
I have done this before if I love the tree.
A timely and hand scratching effort, but I don't mind.
I added 5 brand new strands of 100 lights!

Every tree needs fattened up a little.
I use pretty flocked branches on this one.
I want a forest of Scotland feel.

Make sure they stick out from the shape of the original tree.
And I fluff the original branches as I go.

Many people put the star on the top of the tree last!
Nope...I work from the top down.

First I place two 'real' deer antlers, securing tightly as
they are very heavy.
Phil and I bought these on our honeymoon in Breckenridge, CO
Dec 4, 1999 (21 years ago today)

Then I place the star between them.

Tree topper ribbon is next.
I like texture, so there's a red shiny and a plaid flannel ribbon.
Both are wired which makes it easy to shape.

Then I add the ribbon strands throughout the tree.
This year I draped and tucked it down the tree.
I make sure each ribbon tuck is secured by a tree branch twist,
keep them fluffy...not to tight against the tree
and allow both ribbons to show, alternating them.

Next is a huge bin of ornaments.
I should count these, but I am pretty sure there
are close to 200 ornaments.

I may not use them all and some will go on the mantle.
See those big glitter balls on the right.
They go on first...inside the tree to fill in holes
The glitter picks up the tree lights.

Here are a few close ups of the ornaments.
I have lots of shapes, sizes and textures.
Lots of owls and stags !

And there's my only Scottish Santa on the tree.
I need more bagpiping Santas!
He is close to the top of the tree and 
you can see some glittery pine cones pics I added.

More fun ornaments and a bit of white for some pop!

The mantle has many layers.
There are two types of garland...all that look very real.
White lights and ribbons from the tree.
I added some ornaments and 2 stars.
The Stag canvas is beautiful and I added a flannel ribbon
to make it pop.
I have a Bag Piper Santa and he gets his special place here.

A different view.

And so the corner went from this.

to THIS!

This picture of Phil and me,  is a couple years old.
You can see the tree was decorated just a bit different.
Antlers higher up, ribbon goes around the tree horizontally.

Merry Christmas...from Clan Gordon