Friday, January 20, 2023


Did you ever find a quilt on PINTEREST
and just know you had to make it.
BUT where the heck can I find the pattern?

This one was...
the Avalon pattern by Elizabeth Harman and Birch Fabrics.

I couldn't believe a magazine that old (October, 2011)
actually had a modern design quilt in it. 

It was a pattern in a magazine and I had
to purchase the magazine to get it.
The International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene
Well, OK then.

I searched my stash and found the perfect prints for this one. 
Prints by Jane Sassaman that I had hoarded for years.

Delicious colors and BIG prints!

I have a scrappy LV background cut out.
I had tried another main fabric collection, but it just wasn't gonna work.
But I was smart enough to save the pieces, already marked

and bag them up to go with the Sassaman collection.

I got everything cut and its ready to sew for 2023!

The other good news is...
the magazine has a couple other patterns I like!

Monday, January 9, 2023


I am not much on New Year's Resolutions but
my UFO project list continues to grow!
For instance...
This Churning Fourteen, needs to be finished1

The churn dash block is timeless, classic
AND my favorite block of all time!

I won a 16 FQ bundle of ‘Shine On’ 
by Sharon Holland Designs
It was not my ‘wheel house’ choice of fabrics
but any Art Gallery Fabrics, deserves a good look.
16 FQs and this Churning 14 pattern seems like a good fit.

I packed it all up and took the project to Ocean Isle Beach.
I was there for the month of April 2022 and the goal…
Just cut it out and label the pieces, for sewing when I return home. 

The first thing, separate the fabrics into 2, 7 FQ piles
Making sure you have lights, dark, variation of prints.

Then cut each like according to directions.

Sticky notes are a quilters friend.  

So are sandwich bags.

I took this to a quilt retreat in August, 2022
hoping to work on it.

But I just couldn't get my head around the instructions.
I was still recovering from COVID 19 that caught me in July.
Seriously, COVID brain fog and fatigue was hanging on.

Patty helped me figure it out, even after I barked at her
the evening before.  Again, COVID had me by the short hairs.

And now its 2023 and I will get this one finished.
I hope I can remember the way Patty told me to match up
the pieces for the blocks.
Wish me luck...I can't milk COVID fatigue forever...
or can I?