Wednesday, April 24, 2024


QuiltCon 2024 was 
a showcase of quilty upcycled and handmade 
quilted coats and denim jackets.

My bestie and travel companion, Kim Hensley
bought a cute quilted denim jacket at a local made event
before we went.

Sew that meant....I had to try and make one!
I found this denim jacket at a thrift shop for $5.00

I found a baby quilt for $3.00 

ahhh this would become the jacket sleeves

Sew the sleeves were cut out of the jacket and
I used them as a pattern to cut the new "quilted sleeves" for my jacket.
NOTE: cut the quilted fabric a bit larger than the pattern
so the sleeves won't be too tight!

I added length to the sleeve pattern, to add some denim for the cuffs.
I should have added width as they were a bit tight
Due to the quilted sleeve fabric is thicker than denim

And this was my final result!


While at QuiltCon I did some a few demin jackets I enjoyed!
I am wearing  green denim  Ghastlies and 
my Ghasttlies soul sister is in blue denim. 

This cutrer quilt was only $3 quilt and
denim jackets are always lurking.

Friday, April 12, 2024


YES, a quilt show is fun and quilts are amazing!
QuiltCon is the motherload of sensory overload!

Let’s talk about my favorite part! Friends!!!
I’ll begin with my BFF Kim Hensley who drug me to this event…
kickin and screami…no wait,
that was her getting me out of the airport bar!

Kim and her daughter Izzy made all of these friendship bracelets 
for us to give to old and new friends while at QuiltCon!

Meeting up with my Instagram friends IRL
Filled my cup with pure happiness!

Kim Boyd @kbsing08 was such a thrill to meet.
We have been friend in IG for many years, always
supportive in sew many ways. 
Best HUGS ever!  

Laura McNally @lauraaust is another wonderful IG friend
She was such a treat to actually meet!
And we may have to have this T-shirt!

And Laura has the sweetest friend 
that I can now call my friend too!
Jo Skipworth ! 

I was recently in a IG pattern test group Debora Rivera 
@debora.rivera on-line. 
When we found out each was attending, a meetup was in order! 
Sew happy we did! 

 I had met Connie Griener @gynconnie at the Nashville QuiltCon 
and what a surprise as I heard someone calling my name and there she was! 

Sey Donna @seydonnamade was my first 
IG swap partner in 2014.
Kim knew her too, so that’s double the fun! 

We loved this booth, owner Jennifer McLanahan @sweetteapatterns 
was exceptionally kind and sew talented.  
We were ga-ga over her Sweet Tea Patterns! 
We talked sew much she now has us both on her pattern tester list!

One of my favorite celebrity meets was with Gudra Erla of GE Designs,
This may have been a fan girl moment for both Kim and me.
We love her patterns and the Stripology Ruler!  
Her trunk show was as wonderful as she was! 

The celebrity in the middle is AnnaMaria Horner.
To her left is Shanna @coffee.and.quilts a wonderful new friend!
 Kim to the right in all her AMH Glory!

At the Moda Booth we had the pleasure of meeting
@modalissa aka Lissa Alexander  !
We actually met her (almost collided with her) at our hotel, 
as we were getting on the elevator 
and she was getting off! 
Kimmy had another fan girl moment! 

Of course Kim and I can’t pass up a good photo op!

I can never pass up a photo op with Heather of Crimson Tate

I didn’t catch his name but I did buy the t-shirt!

And yes this smile was plastered on my face for the entire
QUILT-CON experiences 2024
Raleigh, NC 

This was my 3rd QuiltCon and I had the time of my life.
I am almost 73, have back, knee and feet issues, BUT
I kept up with the youngsters! NO problems!

And gawd knows, I never act my age!

Sassy, flashy and a little bit classy! 

Thursday, April 4, 2024


QuiltCon 2024
Raleigh NC
Community Outreach Quilts

I tried  to get Artists Statements…missed a few.