Thursday, March 28, 2019


Just a quick post to show you the gifts 
I made my friends when I vacationed in Florida
this winter.  I was lucky to hang out in
Siesta Key, FL for two weeks with Kathy and Mick. 

Sunglasses case and key fob/credit card holder
for Kathy, and I think her Poolside tote is the same fabric!

And Mick loves these were for her!

Then in March, my hubby and  I 
visited former neighbors in 
Ft Myers FL, she got this summery shawl.
This pattern is called "Shine"
and took 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn.
I love the lacey look and feel...
and so did Marilyn.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


I wanted to share some of my thoughts about QuiltCon 2019
and the quilts I found interesting or maybe NOT SEW MUCH.

My fav part of the show is looking at all the "Charity Quilts"
My least fav part of the show are the "Message Quilts"
we all have a message...I just prefer to write it vs quilt it!

Lets start with an award winner by Cassandra Beaver
"Complimentary Convergence"
First place for use of negative space!
Except for a few dark squares and white background 
and a good reason why she is an Arufil Ambassador!

Cassandra is a friend and in my local Modern Quilt Guilds.
Lucky to have had her quilt one of my quilts
 before she becomes famous...cause it's coming!

Here's a good shot of the entire masterpiece!

Apologies for not having all the makers names
but just take a stroll down a modern lane
and enjoy the view.

This was one of the award winners I liked.
Very fun!

And these were some in the show...I enjoyed.
I am not a fan of ALL SOLID COLORS or fabrics that read ALL SOLID
in a quilts...but this quilt caught my eye...
probably the beautiful quilting.

Quilts of Sherri Lynn Woods were on display in a pretty large section.
Her quilts are not really my style but I took a quick look
since they were a special exhibit!

And I really enjoyed the color challenge exhibit!
It's sew fun to see how people interpret the colors in their own unique style.

As I sat thru the AWARDS program the first night
I was thinking "IF these quilts are MODERN...
Most of the award winners (with a couple exceptions)
 reminded me of a style called CONTEMPORARY ART quilts 
(google Nancy Crow - the original IMPROV queen).

I saw so many more quilts in the show that I felt were award winners.
Perhaps the style of Modern Quilting 
(or at least those judging a modern quilt show)
 is taking a sharp left turn?

No I don't enter quilts, anymore, to any show.  Been there, done that. 
I know the work that goes into getting a show quilt made,
the nerves to actually enter it and the joy of seeing them hang in a National show!
I also know the disappointment of not getting a ribbon.
The thrill of getting a ribbon.

QuiltCon is BIG...I get that!
Its about the Modern Quilting Movement...I get that!
What I don't get is..

...attendees standing in line for 45 minutes (or longer) for registration check in
...why more kiosks are NOT available at registration to help folks check in
...attendees standing in line for 30 minutes to enter a lecture room!
...why there are NOT more scanners to move people quickly to their destination
...why more doors are not open to allows smoother entry to the show floor.
...why the vendors don't have longer hours for attendees to shop.

Yep, my blog, my opinion!

I wonder if... the good Lord is willing...
will I make a sharp left turn 
to the Atlanta QC in 2021?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilts

One of the best parts of QuiltCon is looking at all the Charity Quilts.

Each year there is a theme...this year it was "tiny pieces"
And a specific color palate.

Here are a few random pics of the Charity Quilts
that hung all around the parameters of the show.
I do not have all the names of the makers..
but all makers were amazing.

At the end of the show the charity quilts are donated to a charity.

Friday, March 1, 2019


This quilt...stopped me in my tracks several times as
I viewed all the wonderful quilts at the 2019 QuiltCon.

I am not usually drawn to an Applique quilt.
Maybe it was the color combo (Black, Yellow, White)
Maybe it was the HUGE bee
Maybe it was the amazing quilting.
Maybe it was the story behind the quilt.

Maybe it was all of the above!

In any case...this BEE quilt received my vote for
"Viewers Choice"

And on another creative note..I recently made these notecards.

May-bee this is another reason I was drawn to the quilt!