My Ghastlies

Quilt and projects made by or gifted to me
Not every finish has a link to a blog post about the project.

The highlight of my Ghastliness!
 Spring Quilt Market 2017 Display

My First Ghastlies Quilt, Sidelights, 2011

Quilt 1,Sidelights, 2014

Quilt 2, Sidelights,  2014

Quilt 3, My Design, 2014

Quilt 4, My Wonky Block Design, 2014

Quilt 5Ghastlie Portraits, 2014

Quilt 6, Ghastlie Holiday, 2015 

Quilt 7, My Design, Hocus Pocus, 2013

My design 
Ghastlie tote bag, 2013

Nested Churn Dash Mini Quilts, 2014

Nested Churn DashSwap 2014

Ghastlies Mini, IG Swap 2015

GIfted to me via Instagram Swaps

Ghastlies Supertote 2016

Instagram Tote Swap - Gifted to me
from Schnitzel and Boo

Yarn Bag gifted to friend

Instagram Zipper Pouch Swap Bags
Gifted to others

IG Swap Bags gifted to me
Kathy the Crafty Chemist

Ghastly Christmas Apron

Ghastlie Applique

Embellished Hand Embroidery Ghastlie Hoop

The artist's behind The Ghastlie Family are siblings.
Phillip, Nicole De Leon. 


  1. Love all the ghastlies! So talented! Beautiful work ! Do you sell your purses and bags? Love them !

  2. I LOVE the Ghastlies! Thank you so much for sharing these quilts with us. When I finally male one ,it will be for me!


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