Come along with me to place that is 
decadent, dark, deliciously fun and quite Ghastlie!
I am obsessed with this GHASTLIE Halloween Family
 and know by many as The GHASTLIE Queen
I created some wonderful quilts for you to enjoy!
Phillip deLeon is the designer and creator
of all the Ghastlies Fabric which surfaced in 2009.
Alexander Henry is the manufacturer 
and they have shown my Ghastlie makes at Quilt Market.
He loves that I can show others how to use this fabric!
Who needs quilt shows when the fabric designer
wants your work!

There's a lot of Ghastliness on this page.
It will be worth the time you spend here
to find out if I am indeed "The Ghastlies Queen".

Lets begin with photos taken at Spring Quilt Market 2017

Something Ghastlie This Way Comes...quilt 2017

Christmas Stocking, Ghastlie Holidays Mauve fabric, 2015

Ring of Coffins Pillow, 2016, Paper Pieced Dresden Design

Come with, there's a lot to learn
about my Ghastlie obbession and collection.
Let's begin with my lastest to the earlier makes...

Stacks of Ghastliness


Ghastlies Made Modern, 2018
Pattern: Moda, Make Modern Building Blocks.
I fussy cut Ghastlies pieces to replace some pieced blocks.
Fabrics:  My Ghastlie Fabric Collection
Size 84 x 96"
Longarm "Malachite" panto-graph quilted by 
Cassandra Beaver.
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2018

Ghastlies Made Modern 2018

Ghastlies Make Modern Building Blocks was painful.
I started it in 2013 and finished it in 2018.
Many of the blocks has tiny pieces (72 in one block?)
Finally I threw the pattern aside and decided to use fussy
cut Ghastlies to replace some blocks. Finished in 2018.

Backing - The Ghastlies print, 2009
Ghastlies Forest in Pink for vertical/hortzontal inserts

Ghastlies Made Modern Backing, 2018
Sew BIG, Sew Ghastlie

A Ghastlie Peep Show, 2018
Pattern: Red Velvet, Thimble Blossoms (w/a design variation) 
Fabric: 4 of the first lines of Ghastlie prints
The Ghastlies, 2009, Ghastlie Night, 2010
Ghastlie Reunion, 2012, Ghastlies End, 2013
Size: 64" x 73"
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2018

A Ghastlie Peep Show, 2018

My husband Phil, loved this one.  He thought the fussy cut blocks looked like A Ghastlie Peep Show was named!
Backing is a combination of left over Ghastlie fussy cuts and dots  set in a Green/Black Halloween print pulled from my stash.

Ghastlie Peep Show, backing 2018

 "Ghastile Seaside Moments" 2018
Pattern: 12" Economy Blocks 
Fabric: Ghastlies Moments Panel; 2017
coordinating prints and solids from my stash
Size: 52" x 63"
Longarm FMQ by Michelle Mayton 
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2018

Ghastlie Seaside Moments, Ecomony Glocks, 2018
The backing is from my Ghastlie Stash.
2 shades of Ghastlie Family Reunion and coordinates.
Longarm FMQ by Michelle Mayton

Ghastlie Seaside Moments backing, 2018

A Ghastlie Christmas, 2017
Pattern: Chillingsworth Bicycle Race, Andover Fabrics
Fabric: A Ghastlie Holiday, Red, 2015
Backing is a gray on black print (not shown)
Size: 60" x 80" 
Machine Quilted by Michelle Mayton
Edge to Edge, Vertical Wave Lines
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2017

Ghastlie Christmas, 2017

"Something Ghastlie This Way Comes" 2016
Pattern:  Sidelights, Kari Nichols 
Fabric: Something Ghastlie, 2016
Size: 46: x 62"
Sent to Quilt Market for display in  the 
Henry Alexander Booth, Spring 2017
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2016

Backing The Ghastlies from 2009 (oop)
The fabric that drew me into the world of Ghastliness.
A Halloween print NOT orange, but pink and gray and white!


Two quilts with the next design.
Pattern: Perfect 10, Swirly Girls
Fabric: Ghastlies Gallery, 2013
Size: 48" x 60"
Machine Quilted by Kathy Gordon

2013 Ghastlies Gallery - SOLD 

"Family Portraits"  2015
Pattern: Perfect 10, Swirly Girls
Fabrics: Green and Gray Ghastlie Gallery, 2013
Coordinating prints
Size: 48" x 60"
Log Arm Quilter, Michelle Mayton
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2015

Ghastlies Gallery, 2015 
Backing is a black and white dot
Insert is Ghastlie Gallery prints.

Family Portraits, Backing, 2015

"Orange You Glad it's Done", 2015
Pattern: 25"sq Nested Churn Dash Blocks, Jane
Fabric: Original Orange background prints, 2009
Size: 75" x 75" 
First run prints of The Ghastlies orange background fabrics.
Coordinating prints in black, orange, gray, white
Machine quilted by me on my home machine...
AFTER it was returned from the long arm quilter.
 Although she did exactly what I asked.... I wasn't satisfied.
 SEW because this was my "Masterpiece" 
I picked out the quilting and using my Bernina 740, FMQ
with matching threads colors I meandered to match the fabric colors and quilted more spider webbing over the block centers.
  After 60 hours of un-picking and re-quilting, 
the answer to the question is YES!
Kathy Gordon Collection, 2015

Orange You Glad it's Done, 2015

"Orange You Glad its' Done"
backing is a charcoal gray on gray print
the hortizontal insert of vertical left over Ghastlie prints.
Look closeley and you will see the spiderweb stitching.

Orange You Glad it's Done, backing, 2015

My date


The next 7 quilts were commissioned and
made by me for one customer.
She loves Halloween and displays these in her
home in New Jersery!
I wish I still had them in My Collection!

The Ghastlies fabric, 2013 print, gray and white

A Ghastlie Night, 2013 print, gray and pink

The Ghastlies, 2009 print pink background

Wonky Block Ghastlies, various prints and my stash.
Customer wanted an Orange Ghastlie quilt.
I didn't have The Ghastlies with the orange background
(Orange You Glad it's Done quilt)
I was delighted with this one.
I love me some wonky!

Ghastlie Gallery fabric, 2013 green background

Ghastlie Holiday, 2015 red background

Hocus Pocus fabric by Alexander Henry, 2013
There are a few Ghastlie prints in this...Sebastian the cat.
I had to include this with my Ghastliness!

My customer also wanted a custom Ghastlie tote bag.  
Gastlies Gallery, Gray fabric, 2013

Mini Ghastlie Quilts

One of my favorite mini quilt patterns is the 25" square
Nested Churn Dash by Jane

This one was made for an Instagram swap 2014
Mathilda (Grislie) Ghastlie, Family Matriarch

This Nested Churn Dash Mini was also for a Ghastlie Swap 2014
Mathilda overseeing a Ghastlie Night dinner.

Again, I wish I still had these beauties.

I received this Ghastlie mini in a Ghastlie Swap
and adore the wonky blocks.
It was a bit off square and I could really tell that when I hung it.
Sew I simply took the black binding, squared it up, then added orange binding.  I always give myself permission to make
 adjustments to my prized possessions!

This is Ghastlie Family Reunion on the back!
I love it!

I received this mini in an Instagram Swap
Nothing so cute as Ghastlies set in Economy blocks.

Ghastlie Bags

The artist's behind The Ghastlie Family are siblings.
Phillip, Nicole De Leon. 

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  1. Love all the ghastlies! So talented! Beautiful work ! Do you sell your purses and bags? Love them !


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