Thursday, March 31, 2022


I feel very lucky to be a pattern tester for
Frannie B Quilt Company.
Corrine Wells comes up with some great designs.
The mission is taking designs of fabric and blocks 
from traditional colors and style into modern beauties.

Stargazer had me working my testing skills to the limit!

I always make test blocks as part of my testing process.
 These Charley Harper stars will become units in another project.

I soon found out there were LOTS of flying geese.
That's not sew bad, but the instructions made them
one at a time....brutal.
Of course, that was the pattern is  Layer Cake friendly
and there wasn't enough LC to cut using the 4 at a time method.
YES!  huge feedback from me. 

It's important for me to stay organized when making a pattern.
Thank God for Clover Clips.

And those geese flew slowly over head...
There may have been cuss words and goose poop
during this test!

I really enjoyed that the background was all low volume prints.
My layer cake was "Quotation" by Zen Chic.
I lovvvvvve her fabrics.

I was seeing stars! 42 to be exact!

Making the blocks took a lot longer to make than I anticipated, but
the design wall waited patiently. top was finished.
Just in time for the fall leaves.

And autumn colors.

The flimsy looks good with my fall pumpkins!

She's off to the longarm quilter now.
And I am very happy about that!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Trail Tote

It’s been a quick minute…well ok a very long time,
since I have made a bag.
I like to make them…but quilts have been under my needle
for the last couple years.

I bought this fabric several years ago specifically for a bag. 
You just can't go wrong with Dear Stella prints.

I decided on the Trail Tote by Noodlehead
The smaller size is perfect for a crossover bag.
I wear crossover bags like earrings when shopping,
Always on my body, never in the cart, 
no way anyone is gonna take it.
I keep it in in my car and seat best goes right over it.  

I selected a Ghastlies weave in gray
for the lining.

I add a key fob toggle. It holds my car key
and with a keyless start car...I always have my key!

My strap wasn't long enough for the slider option.
Sew it stationary to the d-rings.

This will be great for summertime adventures
and goes sew well with jeans or dressier vibes!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


I have attended the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guilds outdoor show
several times.  I get sew excited just thinking about this one.

I don't have all the makers names, sew just enjoy the pics
and pretend you are there with me, enjoying all the amazing
makers and makes.

THIS was my favorite!
I am not usually a solid color girl.
These colors set on the charcoal gray...screamed
STOP and look at me.
The quilting in an of itself was amazing.
The maker sent it out for long arm quilting.

A beautiful  traditional Lonestar top
in a Modern remake.

I am always drawn to a 'wonky" block.
These flying geese were amazing!


While we are tracking flying geese...
this one caught my eye!

Sometimes a design element done in a different way
catches my attention. One should look beyond the fabric prints
to see the design.  i.e. I don't care for the prints but like the design.

NOW we are talking about a wonky log cabin modern design
I totally love!

One design idea into 3 pieces.

This quilt was a great design of Half Square Triangles

I enjoyed the design of this but
 the quilting is what really made this amazing!

I found some Charley Harper fabric quilts as well.
These were a challenge using same CH fabrics

And this CH really chirped!

Lots of challenge quilts.

Vibrant colors in a fun design, always catch my attention.

All that being said...
enjoy the rest of what I captured at
"The Airing of The Quilts"


If you are ever near Venice, FL the second weekend of February...
make sure you visit this FREE quilt show.
You'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


My first knitting finish for 2022
Is the Panorama Scarf. 
This took just over a month and that wasn’t knitting everyday. 
It was a great Florida snowbird knit!

The pattern name is The Panorama Stole
 and it’s a free download over on Ralvery,

I used a Fingering weight sock yarn called
Flamingo Sunset.  Florida is full of 
Flamingos and beautiful sunsets !  

Now back in OHIO
We are still feeling the chill of winter.
It brings the warmth. 

All scarves look great with denim!

This one does not disappoint. 

I knitted this once pattern before. 
I barely posted a picture of it and a friend bought it from me. 

I have more yarn to get to…and I wonder 
What will be on my needles next?