Saturday, August 29, 2015


I provided a demo for the Columbus Modern Quilters 
And went a bit scrappy!
First up was my Kwilty Chaos technique 
to make impromptu blocks

My deer in the headlights look

This technique is sew easy and fast
and lets the mind go free! 
My Kwilty Chaos Block tutorial is here 

You can make any size block or piece 
I made a kids kwilt with purple scraps in no time!

One of the C-busMQ members, Katy, 
was sew inspired, she made a block immediately!
This kinda support  really makes one feel like
preparing for a demo is sew worth it!

Impromptu Kwilty Chaos Block by Katy Jones
Next demo was how to use scraps on fusible grid interfacing.
You can purchase this fusible grid in several grid sizes 
(at Joannes) in either straight grid or on point grid 
Cut your grid to the size you want.

Here is my finished sample
This could be a mug rug, add a border for a mini quilt, 

Fabric for a zippy pouch...well you get the idea.

Elizabeth, from Oh Fransson Blog has a great
tutorial on using this product over at 
Sew Mama Sew, click here

Another scrappy idea for bigger scraps.
Sew left over quilt blocks together. 
No need to finish right away 
May need it later for a fabric basket or table runner
Great fabric for a Halloween Swap project!

I have a bunch of larger hexie templates, so I toss 5" squares
 with the templates for an on the go scrap project.
(use smaller scraps and templates, also)

My friend gave me triangle leftovers she didn't want
I made 50 Cotton and Steel HST and they 
live in a plastic bag...til I decide what to make!

I am scrap ready for whatever comes up!

Tip 1: Keep a new kitchen trash can by your cutting table  
and toss scraps into it when cutting out projects
When its full then sort by color or cut into various
sizes...whatever or however you like to mange your scraps. 

Tip 2: I keep a plastic bags  that curtains come in
attached to a lanyard and hanging on a peg board
above my cutting table.  
One catches "strings" One catches "selvages" 

and oh yeah...if you have way more scraps
than you can handle...
donate to a charity that makes quilts and 
pay it forward!

Here is a really fun challenge that happens every year. 
The Rainbow Scrap Challenge over

RSC 15

 I hope you use your scraps...after all
the cost of QSQ fabric is on the rise
and an inch saved is more than a penny earned!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Can you believe some folks have not even heard of
 "Downton Abbey"
Yup...true statement!

I however, love this TV series and couldn't resist
getting in on a Downton Abbey Swap!

I had some fabric in my stash already!

I began stalking my IG partner to see what she might like!
and pulled some colors to go with the main prints!

I fussy cut the center piece and set it on point!

and began building a Churn Dash Mini Kwilt

Organic straight line kwilting

The back was fun piece buried in my stash!

A Downton Abbey finish...18" square mini

 This doesn't get mailed til September...
I like being ahead of the game!

Gathering a couple extras for the package..before I ship!

Here are a few Downton Abbey items I luv and
 would be great extras..should my partner
be reading this!  LOL

January will bring us the FINAL SEASON 
of Downton Abbey will be bittersweet!

This project is now part of the challenge...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I can't resist Halloween fabric 
and apparently, Halloween IG Swaps..
I am in two right now!

 If you have never joined an IG swap...
Here's how they work...

Each swap has a name

and a host - this one is @p8ntingmom
She gathers your participant info via email
or a link to a form...
then pairs secret partners.  

She will probably ask for help via  
 "swap mamas' who will manage a "group of participants"
Each group has a #hashtag name
Like #thefrankenstitchers

Participants make and post an inspirational collage 
on IG...this makes it easy to stalk someone!
(Free apps like PicStitch makes it easy)

Participants receive an email with partner info
and you can begin stalking their social media to
figure out their "likes" and what to make!

 This is my fabric pull for the Spooktacular Swap!

There are guidelines and dates to follow,
Progress pics are posted to IG
 using the swap #hashtags  
Makes it nice and easy to see what everyone is doing
by going to the #hashtags for that swap!

My second Halloween Swap is 
hosted by @jessee_artschooldropout

 I am on the #spookysewers2015 team

I did a bit of stalking when I received my partner info
and I think she will love this fabric pull.

Although they don't have to be mailed til September.
Mine swap mini Kwilts are DONE>
I will post them once they are mailed!

And if you are wondering...

I won't be hosting a Ghastlies Swap this year
Maybe next year...I hear more Ghastlie fabric is coming!
From who?  Alexander Henry himself!

I encourage you to give IG and these swaps a try..
but don't blame me if you get addicted !