Monday, September 30, 2013


Yes, I am at the beach but still can't resist 
Christmas fabrics at $2.00 each.

Or maybe some Halloween prints
At 30% off or 1.99 FQs

And an extra 10% off
When I showed my guild membership card. 
Always ask the shop of they offer any discounts
for guild members. 

I will have more stash to show ya...
ha! I am just getting started!  


Saturday, September 28, 2013


It's fall and I am headed south 
for some relaxing vacation time by the ocean,
And visiting my son!

6 hours into my road trip and 
I have to share my first quilt shop 
STASH purchase!

Some great fabrics by 
Malka Dubrowsky for Moda.

I am also trying to post this from my iPad 
using Blog Docs by Google.
So here goes!!!!  
Please excuse any technology 
mess that might occur!

Kwilt on!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Do you or anyone you know have 
 any of this orange background Ghastlies fabric?

Would you be willing to part with it?
Will pay (including shipping costs) 
or swap fabric for it
or make a tote bag for it
...let's talk!!!

This color wave came out a few years ago.
I really need this piece but I know 
there are coordinates of cats, bats, and others
that I am searching for as well.  

My Ghastlie heart will sing SCREAM with joy
if I can find this FABRIC!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A "MOVING" STORY...The James Stitching Sisters

When you have a group of volunteers, 
such as those with the James Stitching Sisters (JSS)
things that have to happen...DO!!!

The James Stitching Sisters Sewing Center 
has moved to...
289 Cramer Creek Court, Dublin, OH

 Click this link to the JSS website and see the
great quilting efforts and 
how many lives are touched through loving stitches.

In August, the building that housed the JSS sewing center was SOLD and 
an exit from the space had to happen that week.  
Nationwide Insurance, who provides the sewing space, 
quickly found a new location-
just a block away!   

As the move began...WONDERFUL donations began to
show up. Like a full size refrigerator and a new microwave!

This new space, would fill up fast.

Everything was moved by Volunteers 
via shopping carts, trolleys, wagons.
And in just 3 days!

Endless of bolts of fabric were carted over, 
shelves were installed and the color coordination began.

Men with hammers and muscle showed up to help with moving and building shelves...
the heavy lifting. 

Volunteers came in shifts to help wherever needed.  

The walls were painted as everything was being moved in.

Welcome to the "new" James Stitching Center Sewing Center

Isn't this a beautiful site!

Long arms are humming to the beat of 
charity quilts being completed!

Fat Quarters just waiting for the next quilt top!

Stacks of tops and backs are shelved here...ready to be quilted.
An ironing station and sewing machines are ready
...just waiting for the volunteers!

Finished quilts in this room are ready 
for cancer patients at the OSU James Cancer Centers
in Columbus, OH.

A back storage area with drive-up service!
Black plastic bags are full of quilts ready for 
delivery to the hospitals for the patients.

 It's "potty" time.  How fun is this room!

The "moving" story here is....things happen for a reason!
The new space is sew WONDERFUL! 
What could have been a hair pulling experience
became a blessing.  

Stop in and see us...take a kit to finish, on your way out.

Click here for the fall schedule at the JSS sewing center.
Anyone is welcome to stop in and help, anytime it is open!

I know I speak for Joanne Lester, 
JSS Project Manger
when I say
 "Thank everyone who made this move happen" 

Friday, September 20, 2013


My son, Eric, probably doesn't realize this,
but he has been an Ohio State Buckeye 
since he was born in 1977.
This hangs in the "Buckeye Corner" of our basement bar. 

I framed his first Buckeye outfit and included a photo
of him wearing another Buckeye outfit.  
My Little Buckeye!

It's been fun watching Eric grow up with 
The Ohio State Football Spirit!
He just celebrated his 36th birthday 
and still bleeds Scarlet and Gray!  

At his request I made this wall hanging.
He selected the fabrics and designed the layout.
I think he has my creative gene.

I did some straight line organic kwilting to echo the block "O"

Free hand cut the Buckeyes & Leaves
and appliqued

Just hanging out in the garden

Oh yeah, the photo above that hangs in the bar...
 will be part of the kwilt label.

Happy Birthday, Eric!!!
See you soon!

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Mascot, Brutus Buckeye and I are cheering
The Ohio State Buckeyes 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


 My "Picture This" Pincushion

The giveaway
"Picture This" Pincushions, Red and Cream fabrics
and a little surprise tucked in.

The winner is

 (I have sent you an email for your mailing  info)

108 comments are so appreciated.  Some of you had me
laughing out loud with who or what you would pin!
Thanks for pinning along with Kwilty Pleasures!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This tutorial is making a pincushion in a picture frame.

You will need a small photo frame 
(I love thrift store finds)

The frame needs an easel type backing like this. 

Take it all apart

 Gather some fiberfill, small piece of cardboard 
and some tape (or I prefer a hot glue gun)

Audition fabrics

Place the picture frame glass and draw around it on
a piece of cardboard, cut it out.
You will use the cardboard...toss the glass (carefully)

Layer fabric, wrong side up, fiberfill then the cardboard on top.

Fold the fabric edges over the cardboard and hot glue it down
(or you can use tape)

Place this cushion piece into the frame
Cardboard to the back.
Put the back on the frame
I like secure it by running a bead of hot glue around.


I like to use mine on the table beside my recliner chair.
Handy for handwork!

who's a pincushion in a picture frame!