Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Snippet - Paying it Forward in Stitches

James Stitching Sisters (JSS)
began in 2005 and is a group of volunteers who make lap quilts for cancer patients.  Now be's not your typical group who might get together once in a while to make a Charity quilt.  

NOPE, JSS has hundreds of volunteers working continuously throughout the year to provide "Quilts of Comfort" to patients undergoing treatments for breast, ovarian and lung cancer as well as providing baby quilts for radiation kids at Children's' Hospital.

We recently held the 9th Annual Quilt Day.
Joanne Lester, JSS Program Director, welcomes everyone and a shout out 
of thanks for the continued support of this effort!

Over 300 kits were available to the 200 quilters who showed up to sew 
and share in an inspirational day of quilt making.

And just look at all the DONATIONS for participants.
Everyone wins!!! and wins again!!!

There is a yearly "Quilts of Comfort" contest and 
1300 completed quilts were turned in for 2012!
1 out of every 20 completed quilts (quilter) is eligible for 10 yards of fabric AND this year there were two Baby Lock Sewing Machines donated as grand prizes.  

My friend Pat (who sadly couldn't attend the event this year) was a still a contest winner...10 yards of fabric and although she didn't win the machine, she took home these rainbow fat quarters!

Lunch was free to all participants and served by the girl scouts.  
We had long arm machines setup so folks could give it a try, there was a quilt sandwiching station
 and of course ironing and cutting tables.   

Here are a few pics of my sewing group for the day.
Yep, even husbands can come help out...he made sure we never ran out of drinks or treats!

And here are some of the tops we finished!


Me (Kathy)



and I leave you with a smile on my face because I am so proud to be a part of the James Stitching Sisters and "pay it forward" with loving stitches. 

If you live in OHIO or near Columbus, you can be a part of this wonderful group of volunteers. Many cities have guilds who come to the JSS Sewing Center to pick up kits and quilts ready for quilting, take them home to finish and return for entries in the contest!

 The Sewing Center Calendar and all information about this group is on the JSS web site.  

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