Sunday, September 22, 2013

A "MOVING" STORY...The James Stitching Sisters

When you have a group of volunteers, 
such as those with the James Stitching Sisters (JSS)
things that have to happen...DO!!!

The James Stitching Sisters Sewing Center 
has moved to...
289 Cramer Creek Court, Dublin, OH

 Click this link to the JSS website and see the
great quilting efforts and 
how many lives are touched through loving stitches.

In August, the building that housed the JSS sewing center was SOLD and 
an exit from the space had to happen that week.  
Nationwide Insurance, who provides the sewing space, 
quickly found a new location-
just a block away!   

As the move began...WONDERFUL donations began to
show up. Like a full size refrigerator and a new microwave!

This new space, would fill up fast.

Everything was moved by Volunteers 
via shopping carts, trolleys, wagons.
And in just 3 days!

Endless of bolts of fabric were carted over, 
shelves were installed and the color coordination began.

Men with hammers and muscle showed up to help with moving and building shelves...
the heavy lifting. 

Volunteers came in shifts to help wherever needed.  

The walls were painted as everything was being moved in.

Welcome to the "new" James Stitching Center Sewing Center

Isn't this a beautiful site!

Long arms are humming to the beat of 
charity quilts being completed!

Fat Quarters just waiting for the next quilt top!

Stacks of tops and backs are shelved here...ready to be quilted.
An ironing station and sewing machines are ready
...just waiting for the volunteers!

Finished quilts in this room are ready 
for cancer patients at the OSU James Cancer Centers
in Columbus, OH.

A back storage area with drive-up service!
Black plastic bags are full of quilts ready for 
delivery to the hospitals for the patients.

 It's "potty" time.  How fun is this room!

The "moving" story here is....things happen for a reason!
The new space is sew WONDERFUL! 
What could have been a hair pulling experience
became a blessing.  

Stop in and see us...take a kit to finish, on your way out.

Click here for the fall schedule at the JSS sewing center.
Anyone is welcome to stop in and help, anytime it is open!

I know I speak for Joanne Lester, 
JSS Project Manger
when I say
 "Thank everyone who made this move happen" 


  1. it is wonderful when people rally together to make something like this happen, if only I lived near by I would have loved to be involved but a bit far from the UK

  2. Wow. That is really spectacular. I had no idea the place existed and it is such a wonderful thing to be doing. If I lived close enough i would certainly be there to help out as much as possible.

  3. Wow! What an awesome ministry! I know these quilts are filled with lots of love and prayers in every stitch.

    Pam in Middle TN

  4. All I can say is wow....You are so lucky to be such a part of a wonderful organization like that. I wish we had soemthing like that locally. I would gladly find time to volunteer.

  5. That is really wonderful Kathy. I am so glad it all worked out and so well at that.
    xo jan

  6. What a beautiful place Kathy, it just makes me want to start quilting! Wish I lived closer, it would be fun to volunteer here! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  7. This is such a rewarding entity and I am not surprised that so many wonderful volunteers came to help and make the move that much smoother. Love and comfort for patients! Blessings...


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