Tuesday, July 7, 2015


 Blowing Rock, North Carolina 
is one of those quirky, artistic towns.
While visiting...I became UNWOUND!
as in Yarn Shop!

Boutiques set in courtyards and 
surrounded by pretty gardens and trees

Every inch of "UNWOUND" was filled with eye candy!

A sweet section for baby projects

Or you can sit and stitch and bitch!

Lots of completed projects all around the shop.

Downtown Blowing Rock is a shopping destination.
Filled with lots of unique shops, antiques and beautiful flowers.
It's a place for festivals and music and fun!

The actual "Blowing Rock" is up in the mountains
Read about the legend of Blowing Rock is here
Its an Indian tale of Cupid-Romeo and Juliet!

On the way back to my mountain retreat
via Blowing Rock Road...
there were beautiful waterfalls

setting the background for more mountain memories!

I hope you are enjoying my vacation posts.  
I am working on some projects now and 
will have posts about them very soon!


  1. Fantastic views in the mountain photos. Enjoy your hols!

  2. Knitting seems really big at the moment here too, shame I do not knit due to finger joints being painful. Wonderful photos what a glorious waterfall

  3. Oh wow that looks like so much fun.

  4. Beautiful country - looks untouched!
    I have been enjoying all your tours, thank you for sharing!

  5. You have a beautiful yarn collection. Learn more about blowing rock north carolina here:https://blowingnc.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/blowing-rock-nc-the-amazing-town-in-blue-ridge-mountains/


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