Monday, January 11, 2016


I found this fabric in my stash
and decided it would make a great winter

Sew the design process began...just cutting and sewing particular pattern.

and more sewing pieces together

When the piece was sized to fit my bed...
I added straight line quilting for a modern look and feel.

The binding fabric is same as the backing.  

I made a slip on pillow cover
and just slipped it over the yellow and gray one.
Slipped stitched the end shut.

Aren't they pretty!  

I made a couple mats for the side tables.

and here it is all together!

Sewed more pieces to cover a canvas which
hangs nicely by the Jacuzzi tub. 
Tucked in some fun holiday greenery,
red ribbon, owls and candles.

A favorite and fun upside down tree hangs over the tub
with coordinating red, gray and white towels.

Back in the master bedroom the holiday touches included
greenery, lights, ribbon, owls and trees on the dresser

I found a small $10 thrift store tree 
and decked it out to match everything else.  
The clear ornament hold tiny scraps from the fabrics I used.

The Christmas trees, lights and ribbons are stored away but
the rest of the red, white and gray remain!

I'll bring back the yellow, white and gray
just in time for spring!

Happy January!


  1. It is a wonderful change up! It makes your room look all new.

  2. new bedrunner looks so good mind you so does the other one

  3. I like both, shoot you could use anything with that grey and it would look good.

  4. What a fabulous seasonal makeover - perfect for the entire wintertime! I love the new color scheme, and you did such a fantastic job in bringing it into the bathroom, too. I.Love.This!!!

  5. Kathy, I totally love this idea! I've been struggling with wanting to make a king-size quilt for our bed, but was terrified at the thought of quilting such a monster. So you've inspired me to go out and get a solid quilt and do what you've done with the bed runner and pillow and some extra goodies! Thanks a bunch!!


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