Monday, February 1, 2016


One Stitch at a time...
Paying it forward can come in many shapes and sizes.
Over the holidays paying it forward ran rampant!

First...I made this "churn dash" block for a dear friend, 
Dee Cunningham, for her retirement quilt.
She retired from Nationwide (my former company)
and is now basking in the splendor of retirement!

During the holidays there was a fire in Hamilton, OH 
and with that...a fallen firefighter.  
A call went out on Instagram for "raspberry kiss" blocks 
to make a quilt for the firefighters wife.
I jumped at the chance to make a this block

I have a LOT of baby quilts in my Etsy shop...
I decided to pull some and give them to 4 children on my street.
On Christmas Eve I left them on the doorsteps, 
rang the doorbell and ran...
with a note from Mrs. Claus...

I belong to a FB group to destash fabric.  
A call went out to ask for gifts for folks who were in need
Someone, had issues with their hands 
and needed a purse with easy access so I sent this one!

 ...what goes around...does come around...

On Instagram there was a great sharing and caring event
 with two "grant your wishes" opportunities.

You could list a wish and someone would grant it for you.
I granted many wishes and sent lots of goodies for the 

This photo shows items from 3 different IG peeps
who granted my wish for Flea Market Fancy fabric,
Madeline Tosh Yarn
and someone posted the unicorn fabric and I got it!

someone else granted my wish for Flea Market Fancy fabric

two peeps granted  yarn wishes granted
Flea Market Fancy was a swap that came from across the pond
  She received some of my Ghastlies fabric...yes I did!

more yarn showed up at my door

I received a knitting needle holder was a swap...
and sent some yarn... 

my BIG wish to be granted was someone to make me a  "Ghastlies" Sew Together Bag.

My friend, Joanna, who lives local,
she said she'd make it...but didn't have any Ghastlies
  I remedied that real quick and stitched up the pieces
according to the pattern...gave them to her.

and this was the GHASTLIE result...squeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am lucky that I can "pay it forward" even if is in stitches 
or something from my own stash.  
I feel truly blessed that someone cares enough 
to send a little happy my way!

I highly recommend that if you are not on Instagram...
get on it.  There are sew many fun opportunities to join in.
Swaps, wishes granted, fabric and yarn for sale...
and many, many new friends!
It's more fun that it is a hassle!  trust me!

Go it forward ! 


  1. I know I am really behind the times with not getting on Instagram. I don't have a smart phone and apparently you have to have one to get an account, even though you can participate online. You are convincing me more and more.

  2. What a fantastic way to connect with folks! You've made and received so wonderful gifts.

  3. so many gifts etc you have shared and received some lovely things you have made especially liking the purse/bag.

  4. I love hearing stories like this. I have so many blessing in my life and one of those is the ability to do the crafts I love. A lot of what I make gets given away or donated. You are so sweet and the crafty community as a whole is one of the most generous and giving that I know.

  5. I was so happy to have stumbled across #getyouryarnwishesgranted on Instagram. It was heartwarming to see everyone's generosity. I had fun giving a few goodies to people and receiving some sweet treats as well. Happy crafting!

  6. Oh that all sounds wonderful. Hopefully the time I'll be able to join in too.


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