Monday, April 11, 2016



At the February C-Bus MQG Meeting 
there was a "heart" block challenge
Members who participated...made two heart blocks.
One participating member won half the blocks
The other half were designated for a charity quilt
for Nationwide Children's hospital.

Blocks magically appeared on my design wall.  

and later I received 2 more blocks

I needed to fill in bout a couple solid blocks
The pink didn't speak to me...

Sew I tried white blocks...much better!
and the quilter will have some space for her designs!

 Turned out pretty cute..
and the cutie behind it...well he has my heart!

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, someone tagged me 
to help make "Polaroid" blocks for an "I Spy" quilt 
going to a little tyke being treated for cancer.
A very sad story, but I jumped all over this one.

I had never made the "Polaroid" blocks
but they turned out just fine! most exciting "pay it forward"
 I have worn pop-bottle thick glasses since I was 5 yrs old.
Recently, I had cataract surgery and 
new refractive lenses inserted!


I donated 4 pairs of glasses to The Lions Club who recycle
them and provide sight for someone less fortunate! 

For me it's the "little things in life" that make me happy
...that, and Ghastlies fabric!

Something Ghastlie This Way Come, 2016


  1. Always nice to pay it forward. Your heart quilt is cute.

  2. Both the hearts and the polaroid blocks are so cute. Great paying it forward!


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