Monday, October 3, 2016


Halloween is always a fun time to get into a swap  
and YUP...I did just that on Instagram.

My partner was one of the swap mamas
and after a bit of IG feed stalking and reading her 
informational email, I had some ideas. 

I noted on her informational email one of her 
fav fabric designers is C&S.   She luvs Spellbound & BOO
ME TOO!  I had some of both in my stash.
First I thought about making the 241 tote...

As I stalked her IG feed, I saw she knits and crochets
I decided on the Reversible Box Tote bag by Very Shannon

Her extras...she specifically asked to make
something for her 12 year old son.
A bit of Star Wars was just the ticket!

And the main items all done!

I also sent her a few extras for herself including a 
BOO tea towel that glowed in the dark, yarn, etc.
She and her son were very happy!

 I get it that we don't always get what we give
and we should not expect it.   Normally I would not say
anything but I feel a "heads up" to swappers in order.  

Stalk your partner
Use their IG feed, Pinterest, Blog
Whatever social media they have offered as a 
"get to know me" avenue
Read and reread her informational email
Post lots of sneak peaks on IG and ask for feedback
If you have a specific question, ask your swap mama 
to reach out to your partner.

I love the cross stitching she did for me. 
And she put it in a hoop...great, I asked for something hooped.

The rest of the package, after eating the candy,
Is a cute package but one I will never use. (sad face)
A string of yellow lights, yarn ghost garland
 and lots of paper products that
would be great for a kids Halloween party!.
I have no kids or grand kids!

I'm not really a Halloween witch...
just a witchy bit disappointed

My question is...if you sent items the recipient
cannot or won't it ok to "pay it forward"
and give those items to someone who will use it?
(in this instance...a school teacher?)

Happy Halloween!

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