Friday, May 19, 2017


 When I post my Ghastlie projects on Instagram (IG)
I tag @alexanderhenryfabrics -  makers of Ghastlies fabrics
I also tag @theghastlies /  Phillip de Leon 
 the artist behind the Ghastlies, along with his brother and sister
 Marc and sister, Nicole!
I have had many nice comments from both of them
about my Ghastliness !
But, THIS making me quite happy!

When @theghastlies saw this quilting...
the excitement began...
They thought the "serpentine" stitch I used for the quilting
was quite fitting for the Ghastlies 

 Then I received this Direct Message on IG

You can imagine I almost lost my Ghastlie mind!
The Ghastlies fabric designer is asking ME 
to borrow MY work 
for THEIR Quilt Market booth (squeeeee)
Holy Mathilda Ghastlie! ! !

The front of the quilt uses the 2015 fabric called
"Something Ghastlie This Way Comes"
The pattern is "Sidelights" by

The Quilt Backing is from 2009 and the first print
called "The Ghastlies"  

After much chatting back and forth with Phillip
I was ask to sen them....

Ghastlies "Ring of Coffins" pillow 

Ghastlies Christmas stocking

Now pay attention to this first line of this text...
from Phillip de Leon, Mr Ghastlie himself...

So here are the items I sent them for their 
Quilt Market Booth...
The baskets, pincushion and needle book were
gifted to me in a swap by @handmadebyjaia

MAY 19-21, 2017

LOOKIE....they used my real name!

How frickin GHASTLIE...
To have the fabric designer acknowledge your work 
with their fabrics and want to display them...

 THIS is what it must feel like to win an Oscar!

and oh yeah...there is a new line of Ghastlies
being introduced at Quilt Market!


  1. Congratulations on this,you sound so excited about this and how great that your ghastlies are going to be seen by so many, they really have grown on me not being a lover of halloween when I first started following you I did not take to them but I am now converted!

  2. Your love of everything Ghastlie has paid of greatly, I have the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations Kathy! I don't think there is a bigger fan than you of the Ghastlies fabric lines.

  4. Such a great honor. You deserve the recognition! Congratulations.

  5. I'm so behind but this was fabulous to read.


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