Sunday, March 22, 2020


And the Naples Quilt Guild "juried" Show
continues here.
This show definitely had
a Flowery Art Quilt Vibe to it.

I love the collage quilts and mermaids.
sew the flowers here are water plants!

"Under The Sea"
Began with a Laura Heiny collage pattern
with the Mermaid in the bottle.
Maker added lots of extras.
Maker: Barbara Langbauer

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Aussie Dancer"
Technique by Gloria Loughman 

I see flowers and leaves here.. interpretive!

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Seminole Basket"
Velda Newman Texture and Form
Maker: Jo Anne Powel
This was indeed a blue ribbon quilt.

Original Art Quilt: Pictorial
"Trouble in Paradise"
Fabric design by artist and printed by Spoonflower
Maker:  Suzanne Santer

"Flower Power"
Ann Shaw class / Ruth McDowell Style
Maker: Karen Stockwell

Interpretive Art Quilt
"Cagey Wall Flower"
Fabric Paining class by Juanita Yeager
Maker: Kevin Fox

This was STUNNING!

Mixed Technique 
"It's a Small World After All"
Pattern: Jen Kingwell
Maker: Silva Horn
All kinda techniques and flowers here and there!

A few larger quilts that
I felt representative of FLOWERS.

I had a book years ago that had a raw edge flower block
that looked very similar to this. I was surprised to
see this technique...

"Raveling Rose"
Pattern: French Roses by Heather French
Maker: Mary and Kathy Esch

"Affairs of the Heart"
Applique and Embrodiery Designs
Maker: Donna E Johnson

"Greek Lanterns"
Patterns: Dresden designs by Katja Marek
Maker: Silvia Merz-Horn

I thought these block designs looked like daisies/
I was really drawn to the low volume background.

And last but certainly NOT least is
"Paradise in Blooms"
Pattern by Quiltworx / Foundation Paper Pieced
Maker:  Sharon Ralph   Quilter: Carrie Barone

I hope you have enjoyed these inspirational
quilt shows that I have blogged about.
Yes I will make my own comments 
(it's my blog after all) but when I attend
a show I try to be open minded.
I don't spend too much time worrying about
what type or style of quilt it is!
I appreciate every quilters journey
and admire their courage to enter a quilt
into a juried show!

I have entered quilts and the best thing was not
getting a ribbon or worry about judges feedback
(it's all relative)
The best thing was to stand back and listen to people talk
about your quilt, that's actually hanging in the show!

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