Thursday, June 3, 2021


I am a pattern tester for Erica Jackman, Kitchen Table Quilting.
She sent out a call for testers on a new pattern that will drop mid-June 

I was intrigued by the white diamonds in this design.
How the heck did that happen?

I accepted the challenge to test this pattern with this fabric pull.
I love using my stash for pattern tests.

I cut out the pieces using various FQs from my stash.
What I cut from my fabric and what the pattern says to cut from the fabric
selections she uses...may vary just a all comes out ok,
with the correct number of pieces cut.

I like to pull my blocks together before I begin sewing.
The units are rectangle, two flying geese.

Oh there were LOTS of Flying Geese to be sewn and pressed.
THEN the most important part of my testing came into play.
The pattern said you could PRESS SEAMS OPEN or TO THE SIDE.
I don't like to press seams open, sew I pressed to the side.

HUGE MISTAKE because when you sew the
Flying Geese on each end of the rectangle are sewing points turned inward.
There are way too many layers of fabric to sew thru.
She took this advice and made the pattern change

And then came the layout on the design wall.
This was fairly easy...

And here is my  finished lapsize top.
It's not really my style. I am not cazy about it.
I really don't mind the time I put into this.
My Flying Geese skills are improved
and I don't want to see any Geese for awhile!

But the good news is...
I used up lots of stash that I have had for years.
The Stitching Sister's charity will have another top
to make a quilt for a cancer patient.

Oh and one other tip, should you make this top.
I tried using the web technique for sewing the rows vertically.
I didn't like it for these small 4 1/2 x 12 1/2' rectangles.
I had better luck sewing the blocks horizontally. 

I have donated this too to The a stitching Sister, a local charity that
Makes quilts for cancer patients. 

I found the perfect backing. 
It will be long arm quilted by another volunteer at
the Sewing Center 

Being a pattern tester is fun.
If you ever need someone to test for you...
give me a jingle!

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  1. It did turn our nice and someone will treasure it.

  2. It's beautiful! Good call on pressing open, I don't care to do that but I find myself doing it quit a bit. With certain blocks/patterns it just makes it easier to sew. I find that using my little Steam Fast iron is so useful for pressing open.

  3. Should there be another persuasive post you can share next time, I’ll be surely waiting for it.

  4. I love your quilt, someone will get great comfort from it I am sure. Thanks also for the tip of sewing the pieces together.


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