Friday, January 20, 2023


Did you ever find a quilt on PINTEREST
and just know you had to make it.
BUT where the heck can I find the pattern?

This one was...
the Avalon pattern by Elizabeth Harman and Birch Fabrics.

I couldn't believe a magazine that old (October, 2011)
actually had a modern design quilt in it. 

It was a pattern in a magazine and I had
to purchase the magazine to get it.
The International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene
Well, OK then.

I searched my stash and found the perfect prints for this one. 
Prints by Jane Sassaman that I had hoarded for years.

Delicious colors and BIG prints!

I have a scrappy LV background cut out.
I had tried another main fabric collection, but it just wasn't gonna work.
But I was smart enough to save the pieces, already marked

and bag them up to go with the Sassaman collection.

I got everything cut and its ready to sew for 2023!

The other good news is...
the magazine has a couple other patterns I like!

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