Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day...My Way

May Day is my birthday...but this year no distress signals 
were heard and if I had a May Day pole 
I would be dancing around it.  
I am in Myrtle Beach celebrating this birthday 
with my husband and for the first time in 11 years...
with my son.  
 So what a great birthday present...any Mom would agree.  

A Birthday Sunrise

I got up this morning and instead of grabbing a cup of coffee 
at work and pounding away at the computer...
I grabbed my coffee, headed to the beach 
and listened to the waves pound against the beach 
as the sun began to rise... 

Once the sun was up and beaming down...the ocean became 
a beautiful place to put a perspective on what a little person 
you are in the scheme of things.  

I counted my blessings...and I have many, so that took awhile.  
It is very hard for me to slow down...but with this magnificent view...how could I resist. 

My Pleasures today will not be KWILTY...but they will be abundant!  A beautiful birthday and as the sun begins to set...
I feel at peace.  What a way to start a new "birthday" year.

A Birthday Sunset!

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