Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial or Memory Day?

For me, Memorial Day is a holiday to remember
 not only those who have given their lives 
to protect our freedom, but to remember anyone 
who has left an imprint on your heart.   
My Mom and Dad are gone but never forgotten. 
I was only 22 when Daddy had a heart attack
 and in an instant...gone.  Mom lived to be 92 but I lost her twice...once to Alzheimer's and then....

 Mom was a hand kwilter and made utilitarian kwilts for all her children, grandchildren,  probably some great-grands as well.  She used strips of whatever fabric she could find, a blanket served as batting and usually a sheet for the backing.  Mom was a scrappy kwilter before scrap kwilting was cool.

 I was devastated when I lost her and had to find a way to begin the healing process.   I came across a box of Mom's aprons and I knew that using them in a kwilt would be the cure. Fabric became my therapy.

"Sunday Dinner at Mom's"  was my first "memory" kwilt.  I made small versions using Mom's original aprons.  She lived for Sunday's when her family would visit and she served up the BEST  Sunday dinner ever...delicious fried chicken, green beans (canned from the garden) and mashed potatoes with white gravy.  My mouth waters just thinking about it and I can still hear her say "better eat some more"  Although you cannot see it ...I kwilted her name, Cora Clayton,  across the top border. .

Then I found a box of her house dresses.  
They were a sack type dress made of cotton 
and usually had a zipper up the front.   
"House Dressings" won first place in 
my guild show for the hand quilting my BFF 
Shirely did on this quilt. 

There were lots of dresses, so  I also made
 "Dresses for Cora" (for my sister),  
Love to Linda"  for my niece, who Mom raised.
 I sent dress pieces to my kwitling sister to make her own.

Dresses for Cora

Love to Linda

I know  Mom would be so proud and happy that I am kwilting, 
BUT she would be mad as hell that I cut up her clothes. 
I have one more "memory kwilt" to make using the embroidered dresser scarves from our home.  I have a box of antique feed maybe that will all come to gather for the best Kwilty Pleasures I can image.

If you have a memory kwilt...I would love to hear about it.  

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  1. Sooo beautiful, Kathy! I love the idea of memory quilts. I plan on doing some for my kids. And Sunday dinners, oh, they were the best. No one in the world can cook quite like your mom, hey?? xoxoxox


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