Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's make waves, quilts AND friends!

Last year I celebrated a milestone birthday on a cruise 
not a quilt cruise  
one that brought two quilters
to the same dinner tabls.
Kathy Guenther lives in Cincinnati
I am in Columbus, OH 
We talked briefly about being quilters, 
but little did we know 
that the ship would be the vessel 
that would allow us to form a fun  

Kathy Guenther
Kathy and I have visited 
each others homes since the cruise 
and now attend quilt shows, retreats together
and enjoy great times, good coffee and wine!

 Today I am featuring two of Kathy's quilts

Baby Quilt with pick stitching

Improv quilt from Faith of Fresh Lemons workshop

Ship Ahoy!

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