Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Snippet - Feathers From Heaven

No I'm not quilting feathers...but I am playing with 
my just acquired 1939 Singer Featherweight.
As fate would have it, this baby fell from heaven and 
landed in my sewing room.  

  I had to replace the foot pedal cord but other 
than that, so far, she purrs like a kitten. 

My sewing machines are like family.  
I do spend more time with them than any of my siblings.   
So I name them.  

My Bernina is Berneenie and my Janome is Jazzy.  
What shall I name this Kwilty Pleasure?   


  1. What a beautiful sewing machine!! I keep hoping to find a deal on one! A name......Feathy!

  2. How wonderful! I had never thought of naming a machine before but it's a lovely idea :-)


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