Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Snippet - Jelly Roll Race

Ladies, start your engines!  

Presser feet dropped and the 1600" Jelly Roll Race was on!
All quilt tops were made for The James Stitching Sisters.  

The winner, "Colleen Raines" 
finished a top in 70 minutes" 

Colleen found two small jelly rolls
 at Tuesday Morning (of all places) for this beauty!

My top from a Connecting Threads Collection.

The guild had a lot of "ugly duckling fabrics" 
cut into jelly rolls for this event. 
Pat Thomas turned it into a swan-like top...
don't you think?

And yet another swan thanks to 
Cheryl Williams handiwork.

Another ugly duckling by Janet Robinson 
ended up a few strips short but
no problem - border added...nice!

Chris Meeks, who lives in the Las Vegas,
called in for the flag drop!  She sent up this top 
AND another one!  
Now that's the team spirit!

And the day would have not been so fun 
if not for our Race Coordinator, 
Starter, Yellow Flag bearer and Winning Flag Cheerleader, 
Gillian Thomas.   
She had us in pun intended.

Gillian is learning at a young age 
how to "pay it forward" through quilting!  
When we have a quilting day
Gillian is the first to arrive!
So proud of her!

Of course there were jelly roll snacks and jelly roll prizes!

If you have not considered a race for your quilt guild...
it is a lot of fun and any charity would be happy to receive the finish line results!

Plaza Quilters, you are my favorite "race day" Kwilty Pleasure!
And when all was said and done...and the quilters who couldn't attend turned in their tops we had about a dozen!

Kwilt On!


  1. WOW!! Ladies, you knocked it out of the park with these wonderful quilts! Way to go, Gillian!

    1. We had a blast. I'll forward you note to Gillian...she is a rock star!

  2. Found this; thought of you...

  3. She is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE this!!!! We need to do it in our little guild here in Montana. I don't think I can top 70 min....and I'm a SPEED quilter!


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