Saturday, January 12, 2013


THEN...check this out!

  Angela over at So Scrappy is hosting
 a 2013 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
Check out her MisterLinky Party on
Scrappy Saturdays to see
what others scrappers are working on!

It's a  fun way to use up those scraps 
you've been HOARDING
and make a rainbow scrap quilt.   

Having NEVER done this before I was a bit leery.  
But Angela assured me it is no pressure, no obligation, 
just lots of scrappy fun!

So here I go....
sorting my scraps!

All bagged and ready to do as soon as I figure out 
the design I want for my Rainbow Scrap Quilt!

Today, I emptied the "RED/PINK" bag.
I used everything except the very dark reds.

This scrap method has been called many things.
Mile a Minute, Crumbs Chaos..many things

I am working on a tutorial to show you
how I got this fun strip of "scraps?
It is so quick and easy!

The "R" (reds) of ROY G BIV

A Kwilty Pleasures Rainbow of fun!
What do you think?


  1. Fabulous rainbow stripe! It looks like you have enough bags of rainbow scraps to keep you going for a while. Thanks for joining in.

  2. I so enjoyed your post about the rainbow scrap challenge. And I'm going to enjoy watching you play with your scraps this year :)

  3. Very nice, Mile a Minute (Crumb) is about my favourite scrappy block. I did last years RSC in Mile a Minute.

  4. Love your mile a minute cannot wait for the tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks, Kathy! Your pretty pink blocks and post was just the incentive that I needed to get sewing and join in this scrappy fun ... :) Pat

  6. Great to see you join in the fun. Great looking crumbs you have done. I love the mix.

  7. It looks great, I love the picture of your scraps all sorted out and I'm looking forward to your tutorial, I keep thinking I'll try crumb quilting.

  8. Love your piece! I look forward to your tutorial - this is a new technique to me, but looks like fun.

  9. Loved seeing all your scraps organized by color - what fun! Your crumb block/stripe is inspiring; I have been tempted to do some crumb blocks this year too. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  10. Lovely reds...looking forward to see your rainbow quilt!

  11. This is beautiful and you'll really enjoy the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Very relaxed and no rules!

  12. Look at all those beautiful scraps!

    Looking forward to your tutorial and seeing each set as you progress through the colors. This is going to be a great looking quilt when completed.

  13. You certainly are organized. I like that there is no pressure, no commitment required - just fun.

  14. Gosh you are so organised. I love the quilt coming out of all that organisation. Visiting from Sew Darn Crafty

  15. Great to see your scrap baggies being fruitful! Those reds are lovely :-) thanks for linking up!


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