Friday, February 8, 2013

Ohhhhhhh...What A Relief It Is!

No this is NOT an Alka Seltzer commercial!

But a CELEBRATION of relief!

Friday, April 5th will be my last day to
make that rush hour drive into corporate America!
All exit signs point to....
Retirement Illustration -

A quote from my husband Phil, who is already retired.
"The worst thing about being retired is...
 you never get a day off"
Gotta love him!

Kathy and Phil - Cruise photo 2011
Might be time for a celebration  CRUISE!


  1. How exciting to see it coming so soon! I'm jealous. :D

  2. Congratulations! Just think of all the Kwilty Time you will have soon...

  3. Congrats! I retired several months ago but haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I thought I would have oodles of time to sew but I still seem so busy. I think I need to schedule my time. Hopefully your hubby can help you with the transition! And a cruise!

  4. Congratulations! I retired a couple of years ago. It was hard at first, but now I don't seem to have enough time to do everything that I would like to do.I hope you and your husband find lots of things to do and enjoy.

  5. All that free time..what ever will you do??? LOL!! Congratulations!!


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