Sunday, February 3, 2013

Split Personality Kwilt

For the last 5 years I have been a member of 
Common Threads Quilt Guild.  
I am the kinda person who will step up to help where needed. 
"Before" I knew it and "After" some margaritas
 I was Co-VP  and then Co-President. 

New officers began the year and at the January meeting 
the members presented me this beautiful batik quilt
as a thank you gift.

The pattern for this design is
"Split Personality"  

Hmmmm, if you think about it...
it does take two personalities to hold an office.  
The personality to be a quilting friend, and enjoy all the fun.  
AND the personality required to make sure things got done!
Sometimes that side is not so fun!

The quilt was presented in a cute little suitcase
cause I would be "moving on"!
Just shows how creative presentations can be!

For those of you at Common Threads who follow my blog
and have shared some wonderful times during these past years,
thank you for your friendship, inspiration and the lovely quilt!


  1. What a beautiful gift! And I love the idea of presenting it in a cute suitcase :*) I've served as President of one of my Guilds and I know that it is a hard job being in a leadership position over a group of ladies. I'm glad your friends recognize your hard work on their behalf!

  2. A fabulous gift! I'm sure they will greatly miss your leadership!

  3. what a great quilt and gift from your guild.

  4. Awesome quilt and very thoughtful ladies in your guild. They must think very highly of you to make you such a beautiful quilt and unique presentation.

  5. A wonderful gift.Your friends love you and recognize your work!!


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