Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A spring cold has my head all cloudy. I've been sneezing and wheezing all week
AND its snowing here today.  BLAH!!!!

Fabric always cheers me up and since I am a fabricholic 
I needed to play with my fabrics 
without having to think about what I'm doing.

Like most fabricholics, I have a dilemma!!!
"There's no such thing as too much fabric"
I beg to differ.  

This is what scrap mania looks like. 
And I don't even like scraps!!!!  I'll probably never use them!  
Sew why am I keeping them?

A box of tshirts for an OSU kwilt.
Maybe I can send that out to be done!
And a BIG bin of batiks.

Look at these beautiful batiks, that  I no longer like !!!
I will eventually put these in my Etsy shop.

Of course I have been hoarding vintage feed sacks, 
30s reproduction fabrics, vintage blocks
and vintage piece work for some time!
Can you say grandiose ideas!
More work to get these out on Etsy !!!

The hoarding continues with vintage sheets and pillow cases. 
Oh yeah...me jumping on the "let's make a quilt with vintage sheets" bandwagon.  
What the heck size of a kwilt was I thinking?
There's enough sheets here for an entire hotel!

This stuff is going to my BFF Shirley's next month!
She makes charity kwilts for a local orphanage
and this stuff will serve that need, just fine.

 But never fear...I will be buying more fabric
I have two trips planned already for April
and fabric shops will be involved cause
that's what fabricholics do!

Can you feel my pain? and I ain't talking head cold!

Am I a kwilter with a hoarding problem
or a hoarder with a kwilting problem!

Since I can't be social...and spread my germs
I'm linking up to Let's Bee Social.
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  1. what a massive collection of don`t want fabric, I am so envious especially those batiks, envy is a word that only comes into my mind when it comes to fabric!

  2. You definitely have a lot of fabrics waiting for a project!

  3. You will all ways find something to make with them...Inspiration has to hit. One day you will see something and say wow I knew I was saving that fabric for just this project. Your vintage fabrics, feed sacks and sheets are amazing. You definitely should keep them and keep collecting them. What a treasure trove of history.

  4. Those small pieces in the first picture? Paper piecing heaven!! I'll take a big handful from each bin!

  5. Oh my I can't believe you don't like your batiks! That's my favorite fabric. I understand having too much fabric though.

  6. OMG I love scraps and use them all the time for my donation quilts to Ronald McDonald or neonatal unit. And Batiks yikes if I lived closer I'd be on your doorstep now, LOL

  7. I hope you start feeling better soon and oh my gosh is that a beautiful box of batiks! I love batiks but I know they are everyone's favorites.

  8. Wow! It sounds like you need a great de-stash. I've heard the buzz of some people doing these on instagram. I'm not really sure how, but there is one tonight by a guy I follow giucy_guice. Seems like a neat idea and might work for you.

  9. Problem much? Ha, ha! You have the right idea. If it's not doing it for you... Out with the old - on Etsy and donated. And in with the NEW!!! Hope you get feeling better soon, Kathy!

  10. You have one big problem there! Not! At least not to me. There are definitely some things I'd gladly take off your hands for you. LOL And what about that bandwagon you were trying to get back on? Totally gave up?

  11. oh how i can feel your pain..... i think i have that too ;0)
    in stitches


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