Monday, March 31, 2014


Those who know me, know I am not a selfish person.  
I am always giving of away "stuff", volunteer at many places
and am happy to share my blessings as often as I can.

However, this month of SELFISH sewing, just for me was fun!  
I had plenty of things I kept putting back on the shelf, 
sew I could make something for someone else.  

Here's my selfishness one last time.

I had hope to use this fabric to make a bag...didn't happen.

But I did finish this bag from my WIPs! 
Have NOT found the perfect button yet for the front. 
Sew a bag is a bag is a bag...right?

Made these "Pick up Sticks" blocks in February
while I was running around Florida.

and finished this lap size top for the challenge

This 2wenty Thr3e jelly roll was rolling around my stash for a while and with a few changes to the Play A Card Pattern

I made this lap size top!

I had all the blocks done for this Turning Twenty Pattern 
 top "before" March , so this was a quick finish. 

I also made backs for all 3 of these tops to be machine  Kwilted (by me) in April.

I did have a few days that I barely squeaked in the 30 minutes
 cause I was a bit under the weather.   Found some WIPs to finish.

A "Spring" table runner

two mug rugs

and I sorted some stash to sell on my Etsy shop,
 Sew, I think that counts as selfish time.

Thanks sew much to Sarah at Berry Barn Designs for
hosting the challenge.  
Just click here today and see the wraps ups for everyone who participated.

And now I'm off to make something for someone else!

Insights from SewCalGal is an all year thing.
If you haven't heard about have time to jump in on the fun! AND get some holiday sewing done early!

and linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday
link on my sidebar!  


  1. You are defnintely a very shareing person. I love all the projects you were working on and completed. Love how that spring runner turned out especially. You got so much done.

  2. Kathy, you are amazing! You got so much done! Your lap quilts are very very nice. You are an inspiration!

  3. Kathy you got so much done this last 4 weeks...well done

  4. Congratulations on all you accomplishments, Kathy! Your quilt tops are each very special. Can't wait to see them each kwilted up!

  5. That's great Kathy. You accomplished so much! This was a blast, wasn't it?

  6. Kathy, I'm so glad you joined us for the challenge this month! And I'm impressed that you got three tops done in addition to everything else - I especially like the jelly roll quilt you whipped up : )


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