Friday, April 25, 2014


My BFF, Shirley, always lets me take a gamble on her Gammil!  The fun begins.

We loaded two twin tops at once...I made the backing the same fabric 
(flannel gray polka dot)  and made sure it (and the batting) was large enough for BOTH tops.

Kwilts #1 and #2

Here is a close up of the fabric
Santa's clothes are hanging on the line!

I meandered on the white fabric and did a back and forth line on the blocks...
alternating the direction in each block.

Kwilt # 3 was this Bernatex beauty 
Maria Kalenowski, Lemon Tree fabric line

The fabric is sew busy...
I used a simple meander to kwilt it.
Black thread...I must be getting daring!

I luv, luv, luv dragonflies....
How bout naming the "Flight of the Dragonflies"

Kwilt #4 was my version of "Pick up Sticks"
waiting for the next day....

Loaded and ready to roll...

I was doing a straight line kwilting back and forth
across the entire horizontal length...about half-way done
the Gammil machine began to throw a 

Thread kept breaking...tried a new needle,
different thread, rethreading, cleaning...
Brought it home and THE HISSY FIT continued...
by ME!!!

I had to pin the half finished kwilt down to my carpet. 
Got out the spray basting..(screams) not working!
Back to the floor, pinned it ALL down  to the carpet again 
and pinned the unfinished side as shown. (more screams)

 The right side of this block is the long arm
The left side is my Bernina kwilting.
Guess it turned out ok...all Hissy Fits considered!


 My Bernina was happy I came home to her!

Needless to say #5 kwilt still need kwilted!   
ugh...I am so wishing it was done!

Shall I try to kwilt it or just SEND IT OUT!  
 What "modern" kwilting design would you recommend?  


  1. Does your BFF need another BFF? I'm sure she could share the love and have two. The second one would be me if you were wondering, because I need a BFF with a longarm :p hehehe
    *gorgeous* quilting, wanna come teach me? My fmq sucks.
    And for the last quilt, what about concentric circles?

  2. how lucky are you to have access to a long arm quilting machine, I did my first ever machine quilting the other day on my bernina, what a struggle!

  3. So frustrating! I hear you about pinning to the carpet - the only big floor space in my house is carpeted and it's quite a challenge to get things pinned taut but not stuck : P All fits aside, you've been so productive, though, Kathy!

  4. Sorry to hear about your longarm's hissy fits! It happens sometimes.
    for #5 quilt may you can try a modern FMQ design like a boxy loop. Its quick and fun!

  5. I like the look of the hissy fits! ;)

  6. What great kwilting you accomplished prior to the fits. I love that you used the black thread. It looks stunning! Good for you finishing the straight line kwilting on Bernina. You are on a roll!

  7. I'm happy for you that you were able to get so much done even with the hissy fits. I guess the longarm needed a time out.

  8. Such talented ladies. I wish I knew how to quilt. I'm just learning to sew and it's been fun, but quite frustrating at the same time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts. Your work is so inspiring.


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