Friday, May 16, 2014


Quilt Market?  NOT!!!
 I will have just as much fun with fabric and friends 
without walking my feet off! 
Headed to Amish country 3 day kwilting retreat.   

Friday to Monday time for sewing, eating, drinking, shopping, chatting! 
My Kwilty partner in crime, Kathy Guenther,  
is going with me and well...
double trouble hits the road!

I had visions of grandiose pulling fabric for these stash bustin' projects to take along. 
 I have been itching to get to these baby quilts. 

 Pre Cuts Quilts by Jane Vogel is my current favorite book.
 Floating 8s a great pattern and 
I plan on two tops from the fabric cut. 
I'll mix up the designs a bit!

I have 2 Halloween charm packs to mix up and cut black charms from my stash, 
for a Halloween Cherry Charm Pack pattern.  
I luv me some Halloween Kwilts. 

3 Times the Charm book (2) is a favorite.  
I also have the first book.  
They are full of great patterns to use up those "charms" 
I tend to hoard! 

"Backyard Fun" from Pre Cut Quilts, is a great pattern
that will let this polar bear be the star! 
Don't ya love the red, white and turquoise color combo?

I have one of those postcard patterns for this fun baby kwilt that I will mix up a bit.   
Someone has asked about buying this one,   
so its sitting on top of my excitement scale!   

This Noteworthy fabric /baby kit was purchased last year
 while I was at this retreat!  
Using another post card pattern "LaFrance" it will be quick and easy!

Guess we will see just what I get done!    
I'll be posting the weekend progress
on IG (@kwiltypleasures) and FB so come on 
and follow me there to see if I stay on track! 

Icons to all my social media are on the side bar!

Today ends the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!
As soon as I can get to it...I'll post who won my giveaway!

Sew what are you sewing this weekend?



  1. lots of goodies you have here, enjoy your stitching days with friends

  2. You have lots planned! Can't wait to see what you finish up. Have fun at your retreat.


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