Monday, December 22, 2014


"Sweet Celebrations" today plates up 
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge
...and a whole lot of Cookie Divas!

If you like nuts in the fudge just add
 1 C of walnuts or pecans to either recipe 

Melt in your mouth goodness

Store in an airtight tin...
THEN HIDE IT cause this fudge will dissappear fast!
2009 marked the end of my cookie exchange parties
10 years of a fun tradition among Cookie Diva's

My final gift to these sweet friends were aprons that read
"COOKIE DIVA" and each had a different 
Lauraleigh Embroidery Designs

And here is the special DIVA that did all the embroidery!
Thank you Joan Keltner!!!

I had my own special apron...cause I am 
The Cookie Queen!

And of course..the group shot!

I hope you have enjoyed these "Sweet Celebrations" recipes.
Perhaps I will have more for Valentines Day!


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  2. You guys look to be having so much fun. Your recipes sound delicious


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