Wednesday, March 4, 2015


If you know me at all, you know I love gardening.
Second only to my kwilting.   
I have volunteered at Inniswood Metro Garden for 15 years. 

The Volunteer Shirts are the only thing UGLY in the garden!

During the month of March, Inniswood volunteers are displaying their works of art in Innishouse.
  I have 3 garden themed Kwilts hanging in the exhibit.  

They are from my earlier kwilting years, 
a bit more traditional than what I create now.  
I still enjoy them...and especially hanging in an art show!  

Some of my batik favorites.

"Dreamy Dragonflies"
Lovely fall batiks and some echo kwilting

This piece was a "Paint Chip Challenge"   
Blind draw for a paint chip...Mine had the greens.
Could add 2 more colors...So the pink and gold batiks.
AND we had to put a hand somewhere in the design.
Look closely at the flower!
and the beads are hand sewn!

"Hand Painted Flowers"

"Red Beauty Birds'
A fun piecing and applique design
with yet more batiks

Anywhooooo...if you live nearby (Westerville, Ohio) 
get out and see the show.   Cabin fever...cure!
  (House closed Mondays)

Next year I hope to have my own
Kwilt Show in the house....


  1. I love gardening too, what a great place to volunteer. Your quilts are beautiful and fit right in.

  2. What a great place to volunteer! I love that cardinal quilt. About a month or so ago one evening I opened our kitchen door to let the dog out and didn't know there was a male cardinal sitting under the awning over our door and he flew into our house! We were able to keep him in the kitchen and eventually I got him back outside. What a crazy thing!

  3. Well at least the shirt is a bright color!


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