Saturday, October 31, 2015


It is Halloween and I sincerely hope NIGHTMARES 
don't scare you....cause I got one for ya!

The nightmare began with my obsession for 
The 2009 Orange Ghastlies fabric

I saw this fabric when it was release but geeze 
it was Halloween orange and black.

This print in a new and modern gray, white and pink
 caught my eye Halloween eye!
I made this kwilt using "Sidelights" pattern
Sorry for the bad photo, but it's all I have!

Who knew all these years later I would want ORANGE!
The hunt was on and finally...I had enough fabric
to make 9 Nested Churn Dash Blocks
(24" squares)

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8

Block 9

It was nightmare yet!

Left over pieces were used in the backing.

Sewed the top together and OMG...Ghastlie ghoulishness
beyond my wildest dreams  !


 I decided to "send this one out" to my professional longarmer.
I used an app called "Doodlebuddy" on my iPad
that allows me to draw over pics and then save the pic
Looks good...right?
Black thread for the web...right?

and little webs in the cornerstones...
This is gonna frickin rock the tombstones!  right?

WRONG...when I got the kwilt back 
(no fault to the kwilter) 
My Orange Ghastlie nightmare began!
I was NOT happy with it!
What I thought out in my head
DID NOT appear with needle and thread!

The spiderwebs were spaced to far apart.
The black thread was in my face and 
 just looked like lines going every frickin way!

Here is a "before" pic
 I left the spider webs on the center squares
and added some more straight lines to make it more visible.
Picking out the stitching was VERY difficult
Apparently, spider webs need double on top the other.
But I kept after block at a time!
I rekwilted each block, matching thread, meandering
"After pic"
Much easier on the eyes

My nightmare in hours lasted 60 HOURS
yup 60 HOURS of  
picking out thread and re-kwilting this Ghastliness

It was worth every cursing, patience-testing second...
All finished and I named it...
"Orange You Glad It's Done"

 Tell me your worst kwilting nightmare!


  1. It was definitely worth it as it looks great now.

  2. Oh my! I couldn't last 60 hours. I love piecing but I am terrible at machine quilting. Orange you glad was definitely worth every minute! It is really cute! I have the pink and gray portrait fabric. The nested churn dash would be a great pattern for it! Happy Halloween! xo jan

  3. Oh wow. That is a ton of time spent getting it how you wanted it and I'm sorry that you had to go through that. But I know you would have never been able to leave it the other way. Congrats to you for getting it finished.

  4. What an ordeal! It looks awesome!
    Thanks for sharing the Ghastlie love!

  5. Oh it turned out very good. Yep I have picked out quilting, on the sucks, and sometimes what we think will look cool is just kind of Ugh! Your redo is fabulous though.

  6. Scary story indeed, I do love the outcome though!
    I am dealing now with my first bleeding nightmare. I'm so fraught that I have naught the nerve to share it yet.

  7. Nice recovery! Man - that's like. . . 30 movies! That would take a very long time for me to get through. Very very nice end game. :)


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