Monday, August 1, 2016


I finished with this Lotta Jansdotter quilt but had some
quilting issues...and need your input!   

I decided on a large wave organic line pattern...
and started the this.

Here some close up pics...that look amazing (to me)

This took hours and hours of quilting on my Bernina
and when I was done...
The damn thing was wonky...the bottom right corner 
had stretched out somehow!  The quilt was not squared!

I washed it without any binding
layed it out flat, tried to shape it up as best I could
Let it dry...
Then Hubby pulled out the carpenter square 
and his measuring tapes and I trimmed it
to the best squared up...I could get!

I used a white binding to give me some wiggle room
and hide the defects...

You can see the design pretty well on the back!

 Here is my method or setup for quilting...
  • Pin basted (pinned the sandwich to the basement carpet and close pinning as I always do)  
  • Used my Bernina B740 with a 10" throat space
  • I do not spray baste (machine nor I like it)
  • Used a walking foot, dual feed, and a 3.5 quilting stitch length.
  • First quilting line was thru the middle, at a vertical diagonal (see pic above)
  • I worked from the first center line out - one side then the other
  • I may have pulled on the top a bit, trying to eliminate any puckering.

Any tips you can offer is greatly appreciated 
as I really liked this wavy quilting... 
just not the stretchy mess!


  1. If you can on your machine lighten the foot pressure, this is how tight the foot rides against the feed dogs. Not all machine have this feature, check your manual. Basting horizontally every 6 to 8 inches first might help. When pin basting use lots of pins. You should be touching a pin anywhere you put your hand down.

  2. I like the finished quilt and the backing. Don't know enough about the quilting to be of help, I have never had that to happen. But I use spray adhesive and have not used the wavy lines at an angle either.

  3. No more's an amazing quilt, and the fabrics are gorgeous. Your quilting is a stunning addition -- you did a great job. I pulled on one, trying to eliminate puckers, and had two corners that were wonky. I guess it's just a question of "how much to pull".....

  4. This happened to me sewing a spiral circle on a 50"x70" quilt. I think a couple of ideas might be helpful after safety pin basting:
    1 - Make the first (not a quilting line yet) line of stitching a longer basting stitch on the straight vertical.
    2 - Second line of basting across middle horizontal.
    3 - Then begin the first wavy quilting line from corner to corner.
    4 - 100% cotton batt
    5 - I also agree with the comment above regarding the foot pressure and basting horizontally every 4-6 inches.
    This quilt turned out great.

    1. You show up as a no reply blogger so I hope you will see this. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. All are appreciated!

  5. I think it's bound to happen if you quilt on an angle. Did you try ironing the heck out of it? That works for small projects. It is too gorgeous for worrying another minute, though. I would just enjoy using it as is, if I were you. Or, as a member of my quilt guild used to say, "Hang it high and keep it movin'. " lol


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