Monday, November 21, 2016


There are many "Cookie Divas" this time of year
baking tons of cookies for the holidays. 
BUT due past history of the number of cookies that I have baked
and have passed thru my house via cookie swaps...
I have become know to family and friends as the...

On the subject of Aprons...
I joined an IG "HOLIDAY APRON" swap 
 My partner was @mrspickles and she luvs half-aprons 
with a vintage feel.  We were asked to o include a recipe.
I found  a Holiday recipe book from 1950!
Ya can't beat that with a rolling pin!
Threw in a few little extras, cause its fun!

The apron I received was made by @theruffledchick
Her IG feed shows lots of half aprons all ruffled up.
I am happy she read my request for a full apron
At 65 and a cookie dough waist..ruffles would NOT be cool.
She did a great job using my fav Scarlet and Gray colors.
This apron can be worn all year long!

She also sent a couple great cookie recipes
and some fun extras including hand made cards..
which I love!

One of my favorite holiday aprons is quite Ghastlie!
You know I had to make this one!

On the subject of cookies and friends...
For 10 years I hosted a Cookie Exchange with my girlfriends.
This was my "gift" to them...sharing time, cooked them a meal
and each Cooke Diva brought 6 dozen of one kind of cookie
for the cookie swap!

In 2009, the last year, I gifted each baker her own
"Cookie Diva" apron!
(embroidered design by Joan Keltner)
Some besties not pictured who have moved away
also received an apron!
Connie, Patty, Cindy
Mary Jo, Dora, Kim
Daisy, Val, Betty

Kathy, Debby, Ginny
Joey, Dianne, Char, Chris
Susie, Joan, Pam

To wrap up 10 years of cookie fun with my besties, 
I asked them to bring me a vintage cotton apron
 as a hostess gift, then sign their name and the year
they met me on a square muslin.
Using a "Friendship Star" block I made a memory quilt.

"Apron Strings and Cookies"

 Melissa (Ingmire) Durrett is my niece "Misty"
and we met when she was born.

Shirley (Bolton) Haller my neighbor and best friend
since 3rd grade / 1960
56 years later we are still besties, no longer neighbors
but we visit often as we can!
I also luv that she quilted this for me.

If you want some great cookie recipes
Be sure to check out the tab above

All that being said...its time to
grab your favorite apron, rolling pin and


  1. Cute aprons, and your cookie recipes that you have shared are a favorite of my grandsons.

  2. So sweet and this year I actually will have the time to do some cookie baking so I'll be checking out your cookie posts with interest.


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