Thursday, June 15, 2017


There is certainly a trend going on these days with
fabrics in HOOPS of many sizes...
being used in many wonderful ways!
I dug out my supplies to give it try!

Well didn't you know this was coming!
I had to hoop me up some Ghastlieness!

I began with hair...why yes REDHEAD Ghastlies!
Mathilde Ghastlie looks good as a ginger!

A bit lighter shade of red here for
Magda Grislie (sister of Mathilda)

I added some brown for her broom straw and 
all the trees have black and/or gray stitches

Red thread outlines this "striking" pose by
Cordelia..and her hammer!

The Ghastlies' Mansion needed
a pop of black in the trees and a
 bit of greenery in the bushes!

I painted the hoop black

Used a white fabric behind the print 
to help hide the backside stitches.
My starts and stops need work!

But all in all..its quite Ghastlie
and hanging in my sewing room!

My Ghastlie creation was sew inspired by WildBoho
when she posted this Ghastlie Owl on Instdgram
LOOK at those STITHES!
This owl comes to life!

Nicole Vogelsinger's (@wildboho) work is stunning and 
I was lucky to get her book for Mother's Day. 
Its amazing how she 'fussy cuts' a design from one fabric
and uses it atop another and THEN her stitching!  

Please check out her amazing blog, here
From there you can buy her book, follow her stitch along
or buy an already made piece of art!

Another inspirational "hooper" is a local designer and
a friend of mine.....You might know her too!
 AnneMarie Chany aka GenX Quilters (@genxquilters)
 and her work is amazing too!

Great opportunities from AnneMarie for
BOMs,  tutorials and lots of inspiration!
 and her pattern page is here

For now...I have my eye on these old hoops 
that have just been hanging "empty" in my guest room
I think I see some Charley Harper fabric making an appearance!

Permission to use the photos from WildBoho and GenX Quilters
This is not a paid advertisement.
I just love them and all their inspiration!

Grab and hoop and get stitching!


  1. what a good way to display a favourite piece of fabric seem to think I have some hoops somewhere so maybe I will make some too

  2. Lovely. I agree what a great way to display fabric you love.

  3. Your stitching sets those Ghastlie ladies off just right! Nice work, Kathy!


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